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25 Free Awesome Vintage Nature Posters For Your Walls

Inside: Download our exquisite collection of 25 vintage nature posters, free and in the public domain.

Transform your home decor with our curated collection of vintage natural history posters, offering a unique blend of mother nature’s beauty and vintage design.

These nature prints, derived from Oliver Goldsmith’s seminal work “A History of the Earth, and Animated Nature,” serve as perfect prints to add a touch of the natural world and decorative art to your living room or any room needing art ideas.

Goldsmith’s Work and Natural World Art

Oliver Goldsmith’s 18th-century masterpiece provides a comprehensive look into the natural world and is a monumental work in natural philosophy and science history. It stands out as a significant contribution to the literature of the time.

Goldsmith aimed to compile a comprehensive view of the planet’s life forms and their environments, offering insights into the complexities of the natural world.

This work is not just a collection of observations; it represents an ambitious attempt to catalogue Earth’s species’ diversity and their habitats’ intricacies. The importance of Goldsmith’s book lies in its blend of scientific inquiry with the art of storytelling, making it a pivotal piece for anyone interested in the intersection of nature, science, and literature.

Goldsmith’s detailed botanical posters and nature art in the book invite us into an era of discovery and enlightenment, blending the scientific with the aesthetic. This collection of vintage posters offers more than just wall art; it’s a journey through the wonders of mother nature, captured through the lens of vintage design.

Historic Charm & Modern Home Decor

The nature posters and botanical prints offer more than just fun visual products. They are a timeless, perfect print, enhancing any home decor and looking to add character to your living room.

Searching for art that tells a story? These vintage nature prints are your answer. With rich details and classic appeal, they fit any living space. They smoothly connect the past with the present.

25 vintage natural history posters by Oliver Goldsmith from the History of the Earth pin

Expanding Our Nature Art Collection

Our latest offering of vintage nature posters enriches our site’s natural history and zoological illustrations. These include the detailed posters by Adolphe Millot and the informative educational charts by Emile Deyrolle. Plus, there is the captivating nature art of Ernst Haeckel.

All of these elegantly capture the essence of the natural world, from the delicate intricacies of botanical posters to the dynamic vividness of wildlife in zoological prints. 

How To Download The Vintage Nature Art

These vintage posters are free downloads, enabling you to bring the elegance of nature art into your living spaces. To download the vintage poster you want, click on the title above it. A higher-resolution poster will open in a new tab. Which you can print or save.

The Vintage Nature Posters and Prints

This is a curated sample of vintage nature posters from Oliver Goldsmiths’ book “A History of the Earth, and Animated Nature,”. I have arranged them into groups to help you find any particular nature poster theme you are looking for.

Quadrupeds (four-legged animals) Prints 1-8

Print 1: American Quadrupeds

American Quadrapeds Oliver Goldsmith Vintage nature poster

2. Porcupine To Polar Bears

This poster has a rather eclectic mix of mammals, including a Porcupine, a polar bear and a kangaroo.

Pocupine to polar bears zoological poster

3. Various Species of Deer

You can find more deer prints on the site here.

Various deer zoological poster Oliver Goldsmith History of Earth

4. Cameleopards

Cameleopard was the original name for giraffes. And Moofe Deer the old name for moose.

Cameleopards and elk from the History of the Earth

5. Cats Nature Poster

Various cats from the small domestic cat through to lions and tigers.

various species of cats poster

6. Large Species of Dogs Poster

Species of large dogs by Oliver Goldsmith

7. Small Dog Species Print

small species of dogs chart Oliver Goldsmith

8. Lemur and Rabbit Poster

There is a wonderful collection of vintage rabbit illustrations on the site.

Lemur and rabbis vintage posters

Birds and Other Nature Prints 9-14

The book has some unusual nature posters with an eclectic mix of creatures. I’m unsure if there should be any link between them. If there is, then it’s not apparent what they are.

9. Swallows and Bees

An eclectic collection of swallows, penguins, bees and Indian corn.

History of Earth Poster Penguins and bees

10. The Crossbeak

A mix of crossbeak birds, insects including dragonflies and lizards.

crossbeaks bird dragonflies lizards from the History of Earth

11. Dodo and Diodon Poster

You can find more dodo drawings here.

Dodo bunting and fishes History of the Earth vintage poster

12. Falcon Birds

Falcon birds vintage nature poster

13. Papyrus and birds nests

There is a fantastic collection of bird’s nest prints with this collection of Genevieve Jones Nest And Egg Illustrations.

papyrus and birds nest The History of The Earth poster print

14. Skunk and Ostrich

You can find more vintage ostrich art prints on Pictureboxblue.

skunk ostrich canesugar poster Goldsmith Animate nature

Marine Life Mix Vintage Posters 15-19

15. Sharks and Dolphin

Vintage nature poster of sharks and dolphin from the History of the Earth

16. Assorted Fish and Cactus

A collection of fish and some examples of flowering cacti.

Assorted fish and cactus from the History of the Earth Animated Nature

17. Coral Vintage Poster

Check out this collection for more amazing of vintage coral reef illustrations.

coral vintage nature posters Oliver Goldsmith

18. Flamingo and Shells

Here you’ll find more flamingo illustrations and vintage shell posters.

Flamingo shells prints

19. Cuttle Fish

Cuttle fish including octopus and two headed snake.

Cuttle fish nature poster

Botany Vintage Nature Posters 20-25

20. Parts of the Flower & Fruit Nature Poster

Parts of the flower and fruit vintage botany nature poster Oliver Goldsmith

21. Vintage Botany Poster – Roots and Trunks

Another vintage nature poster from Goldsmith’s book showing the structure of plant roots, stems and trunks.

vintage botany poster roots and trunks. Goldsmith

22. Vintage Botany Poster Leaves

A botany print from “A History of The Earth and Animated Nature ” of various leaf shapes.

vintage botany poster types of leaf shapes

23. Vintage Poster Mosses

There is a very interesting collection of lichen drawings on the site you might also want to check out.

Natural history print mosses

24. Poppies and Butterflies

There is already a collection of beautiful poppy pictures on the site and several butterfly illustration collections, including these art nouveau butterflies.

25. The Peppermint Tree

The Peppermint tree poster from the History of the Earth and animated Nature

Conclusion and Other Collections

Our journey with Oliver Goldsmith’s “A History of the Earth and Animated Nature” inspired vintage nature posters has brought us closer to the natural world’s past beauty and diversity. These free posters not only bring historical beauty to your walls but also open doors to the fascinating blend of art, science, and nature.

I invite you to explore more at Pictureboxblue. Dive into Louis Renard’s Fantastical Fish, explore with Jan Brandes’ Nature Illustrations, and discover detailed animal posters in the Illustrated Larousse Dictionaries. Each collection offers a fresh view of nature’s beauty and variety.

John Emslie’s Illustrations of Natural Philosophy is another beautiful collection of Victorian vintage science posters to explore; they cover the physical sciences.

You’ll find all the vintage natural history images here.

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