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25 Amazing Free Vintage Tiger Illustrations and Drawings

Discover a rich collection of Vintage Tiger Illustrations and Drawings, capturing the regal beauty and ferocity of the jungle’s monarch. Explore timeless art that brings to life the elegance and power of tigers through history.

All the free tiger prints are in the Public Domain.

Unveiling the Stripes: Intriguing Tiger Facts to Complement the Art

Tigers are an Asian mammal that once roamed from as far west as Turkey, across Asia, to Eastern China. Today, the tiger’s range has been reduced by 90% and is fragmented, stretching from Siberian temperate forests to subtropical and tropical forests on the Indian subcontinent and Sumatra. 

I grew up in Hong Kong and I remember hearing about reported sightings of tigers in the New Territories, as late as the 1970s. But I have never seen a tiger in the wild, only in zoos.

Wild tigers are an endangered species and in the 2015 the population was estimated to be between 3-4 thousand.

In a 2004 online poll conducted by cable television channel Animal Planet, involving more than 50,000 viewers from 73 countries, the tiger was voted the world’s favorite animal with 21% of the vote, narrowly beating the dog.

Tigers have featured prominently in ancient mythology, culture, and folklore.  The animal appears on many flags, coats of arms, and is a mascot for many organizations and sporting teams. It is especially important in Chinese culture, where the tiger is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.


Fun Facts About Tigers

  • Tigers are the largest of all cats. They can measure up to 11ft in length, including the tail, and weigh up to 670lbs.
  • In the wild tigers live for about 25 years
  • Unlike other cats, tigers love the water and will swim and play in it.
  • Also unlike other cats, tigers can’t purr.
  • A group of tigers is called an ambush or streak.
  • There are six distinctive tigers based on their location: Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Siberian, South China, and Sumatran. The Bengal tiger is the most common.
  • The stripe pattern on each tiger is unique, like the spots on a giraffe and human fingerprints.

The Vintage Tiger Drawings and Illustrations

Embark on a thrilling journey through time and art with our exquisite collection of Vintage Tiger Illustrations and Drawings. The tiger, revered as the majestic ruler of the jungle, has captured the imagination of artists for centuries. With their striking stripes, fierce gaze, and a regal stance, tigers embody both beauty and strength.

This curated collection of vintage illustrations and drawings showcases the tiger in all its glory, as seen through the lenses of time-honoured artistic techniques.

To download the vintage tiger drawing you want, click on the title above that image. A higher resolution image will open as a new window in your browser. If you then right-click on the image with your mouse, the menu option will appear to save the tiger illustration to your hard drive.

Vintage Tiger Illustrations 1-8

1. Tiger 1842

This lovely black and white tiger drawing is from the book “Museum of foreign animals; or History of beasts. : With splendid engravings” by Babcock, Sidney.

Tiger drawing 1842

2. Tiger Watercolor

This and the next tiger illustration are 19th Century tiger watercolours from the Museum of Metropolitan Art.

tiger watercolor 19th Century

3. Tiger Approaching Pool Watercolor

tiger approaching pool watercolor

4. Tiger family Korean Art

Tiger Family, late 1800s. Korea, Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). Hanging scroll; ink and colour on paper from The Cleveland Museum of Art.

In deep mountains where old pine trees grow, a tigress, her two cubs, and a leopard welcome the rising sun. This is not merely a playful scene of felines but rather a well-calculated image with auspicious symbols of longevity (pine trees), prosperity (tigress with her cubs), and good fortune (leopard).

Traditionally on New Year’s Eve, the image of a fearsome-looking tiger, along with that of a dragon, was pasted on entrance doors to ward off evil spirits. However, paired with cubs and magpies, tigers came to be portrayed more playfully and humorously, fitting for festive occasions. The crimson rising sun suggests that this scroll may have been created to celebrate the new year.


5. Artist Study of A Tiger Drawing

Study of a Tiger drawing, 1832. Antoine-Louis Barye (French, 1796-1875), another print from the Cleveland Museum

Study of a tiger

6. Tiger In The Jungle

Tiger in the Jungle, 1893. Paul Elie Ranson (French, 1862-1909) from The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Tiger in the Jungle is Ranson’s most famous lithograph. Printed in black, grey, and yellow, it appeared in the journal L’Estampe Originale (The Original Print) in 1893. Ranson used smooth, wavelike forms to create a vibrant, decorative, and stylized composition.

tiger drawings in the jungle

7. Tiger Illustration 1890

This tiger image looks like it is printed on a cigarette card.

tiger cigarette card

8. Edinburgh Journal Tiger 1

The following two tiger drawings are from “The Edinburgh journal of natural history and of the physical sciences, with the Animal kingdom of the Baron Cuvier” 1835.

tiger drawings The Edinburgh journal of natural history

Vintage Tiger Paintings 9-16

9. Edinburgh Journal Tiger 2

The Edinburgh journal tiger

10. Natural History Of Quadrupeds 1811

This illustration is from the book “The Natural History of Quadrupeds and Cetaceous Animals.”

The natural history of quadrupeds

11. Engravings of Sir Edwin Landseer


12. Black & White Tiger Drawings

Illustration from the book “The wonders of the animal kingdom” Robert, Hurish,1830.


13. Advertising Card

(This image was used for the DIY tea light lanterns craft)

14. 1846 Indian Tiger

This illustration is from the book “Lions, Tigers and Cats” by William Jardine 1846.

15. Royal Bengal Tiger

Illustration from “Johnson’s Household Book of Nature” by John Karst 1880.

The Royal Bengal tiger is a subspecies of tiger that is native to the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the biggest wild cats and is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh.  It is considered to belong to the world’s charismatic megafauna. In 2011 there were thought to be less than 2500 of them left in the wild.

16. Felis tigris

From the Iconographia Zoologica collection at the University of Amsterdam.

Iconographia Zoologica Felis tigris

Vintage Tiger Drawings 17 – 25

17. Drawing of Tiger Faces

Two tiger face drawings from ” Fairland’s juvenile artist, or, Easy studies for beginners in drawing, of figures, animals, shipping, and landscape” 1838.

tiger face drawings

18. Standing Screen (Tsuitate) of a Tiger

A Japanese woodblock print of tiger by Kawanabe Kyôsai 1878.

In this print, most likely designed to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Tiger in 1878, Kyōsai depicts an artist’s studio with all the accoutrements of an accomplished painter, including ink, brushes, and rolls of paper. Kyōsai was celebrated for his depictions of animals. In this print, he showcases his skill with depicting a majestic tiger on a painted screen, an image within an image. He has cleverly rendered his signature as if it appears on the screen’s surface.

You can find more Japanese woodblock prints here.


19. Le Tigre Royal

From the Iconographia Zoologica collection at the University of Amsterdam.

Le Tigre Royal

20. Vintage Tiger Drawing

From the Iconographia Zoologica collection at the University of Amsterdam.


21. Tiger Family

Tiger-family s

22. Head of a Tiger

Drawing by Raden Selah 1827.

Head of a tiger 1827

Print 23: Lying Tiger

A resting tiger painted by the Japanese artist Ohara Koson.

Lying tiger by Ohara Koson

Print 24 Roaring Tiger

Another Ohara Koson Japanese tiger painting.

Roaring Tiger Ohara Koson

Print 25: Tiger and Dragon

Japanese painting of a tiger and dragon by Yoshimura Kokei.

tiger with dragon

There are some pictures of tigers being hunted on elephants in this collection of elephant illustrations.

There are more tiger illustrations in some of the other mammal collections in the Picture Box Blue zoological image collection. Such as with the fabulous animal posters of Adolphe Millot. Other charismatic animals featured include polar bears, penguins, and cockatoos.

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