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13 Free Elegant Vintage Ostrich Art Prints For Decor

Explore the fascinating world of the largest bird on Earth with our captivating collection of vintage ostrich art prints! 

These free printable illustrations in the Public Domain are a treasure trove for zoological art and history enthusiasts. As part of our expanding gallery of vintage bird prints, which already include majestic depictions of herons, flamingos, and pelicans, these ostrich prints promise to add an extraordinary charm to your collection.

 Whether you’re looking to enhance your wall art with original artwork or seeking original paintings that capture the essence of the common ostrich, our selection is bound to captivate. 

From the dramatic landscapes of Africa, home to these magnificent birds, to the detailed portrayal of male ostriches in their natural habitat, each piece offers a glimpse into the beauty and mystery of the ostrich walking through the wilderness. 

Fun Facts About Ostriches:

  • Speedsters of the Bird World: Ostriches can run up to 45 miles per hour. This makes them the fastest two-legged animal on the planet.
  • Remarkable Size: The common ostrich is the world’s largest bird and lays the largest eggs of any living land animal.
  • Visionary Giants: Ostriches have some of the most prominent eyes in the bird kingdom. Each eye measures almost 2 inches (5 centimetres) in diameter, which helps them spot predators from a great distance.
  • Unique Defense Mechanisms: Contrary to the myth that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when threatened, they lie flat against the ground to blend in. This behaviour may have given rise to the myth. When cornered, they can deliver powerful kicks capable of killing a human or a predator like a lion.
  • Feathers in Fashion: Ostrich feathers have been highly prized, especially during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were used to adorn hats, boas, and other fashion accessories, symbolizing luxury and elegance.
  • The ancient Egyptians revered the ostrich for its feathers, representing truth and purity. They were often used in ceremonial headdresses and fans.

How To Download The Ostrich Art Print

For a high-resolution ostrich image, click on the title above. A larger ostrich art print will open in a new tab, which you can save or print. All the illustrations are copyright-free so that they can be used for commercial purposes.

Vintage Ostrich Art Prints 1-6

Print 1: Autruche (Ostrich), from “Histoire Naturelle de Oiseaux”

This hand-coloured ostrich image comes from “Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux,”. A famous set of volumes edited by Georges Louis Leclerc, le comte de Buffon (1707-1788).

Ostrich from the Natural History of Birds

Print 2: Male Ostrich – Gordon

Struthio camelus (Ostrich), Robert Jacob Gordon, 1777 – 1786 pen in ink, brush in watercolour; over pencil or black chalk; double frame lines all around.

Male Ostrich by Robert Gordon Ink & watercolour

Print 3: Baby Ostrich

Baby common Ostrich by Robert Jacob Gordon.

Baby ostrich image by Robert Gordon

Print 4: 16th Century Ostrich Art Print

Ostrich, anonymous, 1550 – 1570, pen and brown ink, with watercolour.

In the 16th century, artists – who had never seen a live ostrich – sometimes made the mistake of depicting the creature flying in the sky. This artist drew the flightless bird correctly, its feet firmly planted on the ground. Details such as the bird’s finely painted downy feathers and bare goose flesh on its legs are faithfully rendered.

Anonymous Ostrich art print

Print 5: Twisted Neck Ostrich

Anselmus Boëtius de Boodt (possibly), 1596 – 1610

The lively, humorous air of this ostrich illustration sets it apart from other zoological drawings. With its twisted neck and perplexed expression, this comical ostrich has been tentatively attributed to fellow court artist Joris Hoefnagel, who painted the same motif in the background of two other watercolours once in Rudolph’s Historia Naturalis collection.

Ostrich with twisted neck

Print 6: Running Ostriches

running ostriches

Vintage Ostrich Images 7-13

Print 7: African Birds

Africa, Philipp Andreas Degmair, after Johann Baur (printmaker), 1719 – 1749.

From the collection at the Rijksmuseum.

African birds black and white illustration including ostrich

Print 8: Japanese Ostrich Drawing

Japanese: Bird drawing (16 leaves). From “Ran Entekiho” Volume 3 (Bunka 14/1817 publication) by Iwazu Otsuki.

Japanese Ostrich drawing

Print 9: Anxious Ostrich

Watercolor, gouache, and graphite with pen and black ink on medium, slightly textured, cream laid paper. By the Indian artist Gangaram Chintaman Tambat, 1790’s.

Anxious Ostrich watercolour painting 1790's

Print 10: Coloured Etching of An Ostrich

Coloured etching of an Ostrich from South Africa at Zoological Society of London from the Welcome Collection.

coloured etching of an ostrich

Print 11: Stork, Crane & Ostrich

A stork, a crane and an ostrich. Coloured chalk lithograph from the Welcome Collection.

Stork Crane And Ostrich coloured Lithograph

Print 12: Family of Ostriches

Vintage art print of a family of ostriches and their young from the zoological collection at Amsterdam University.

Family of ostriches with their young

Print 13: A Pair of Ostriches Illustration

From the Historiae Naturalis De Auibvs Libri VI 1650.

Pair of ostriches black and white art print

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