Free Printable Natural History Posters Of Adolphe Millot

You probably recognise these natural history posters as they are very popular and have been sold as gift wrap and prints. They were painted by the French painter and entomologist Adolphe Millot in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

These gorgeous natural history paintings were for the book the Nouveau Larousse Illustré a French encyclopedia first published in 1905. I have included here the identification posters Millot painted for insects, birds, and butterflies.

The animal posters of mammals and reptiles from the Larousse books can be found here. Emile Deyrolle is also another Frenchman that created a wonderful collection of natural history posters.

Vintage Natural History Poster (Insects, Birds, and Butterflies)


To download the natural history posters just click on the highlighted title and a pdf will download to your computer immediately.

The PDF downloaded vintage natural history poster will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

You can see the complete collection of vintage educational posters on Pictureboxblue here.

10 free insect bird natural history poster


1. Insects Adolphe Millot

This natural history poster is full of lovely illustrations, or bees, flies, wasps, beetles, and other flying insects. I’ve used a poster like this before for a unique cupboard upcycle.

Adolphe Millot Natural History poster of insects

2. More Adolphe Millot Insects

Another natural history poster of insects. This time they are mainly grasshoppers and beetles. For more detailed insect images check out the of amazing insect art of JORIS HOEFNAGEL.

If you are looking for wonderful dragonfly drawings there are more here.

Insect painting poster Adolphe Millot

3. Insects Useful and Harmful

One more natural history poster of insects by Adolphe Millot. This time however he categorises the insects into 2 distinct groups; useful (utiles) and harmful (nuisibles).

Vintage Natural history poster of useful and harmful insects

4.Oiseaux (Birds) Collection

This is a gorgeous colourful illustrated poster of tropical birds from parrots to birds of paradise. For more tropical birds check out the parrot paintings of Edward Lear.

Natural History poster of tropical birds

5. Oiseaux Pour Tous (More Birds)

More bird illustrations. This time a much wider variety from game, wetland, seabirds and large flightless birds. Such as ostriches and emus.

More Adolphe Millot bird illustrations including birds of prey and parrots

6. Even More Birds (Oiseaux Pour Tous A)

This collection of bird paintings includes birds of prey such as vultures and owls. There is also a large collection of tropical birds such as parrots, cockatoos, and toucans. Each bird is labeled individually.

Adolphe Millot Birds of Prey

7. Plumes and Feathers

The natural history poster of Aldophe Millot is a fabulous illustrated collection of brightly colored bird plumes and feathers. Each feather and plume illustration is named.

There are more feather illustrations here.

Natural history poster of plumes and feather paintings.

8.Natural History Poster of Oeufs (eggs)

This is a great poster for egg identification. A great collection of egg paintings each labeled and named.

Egg identification poster by Adolphe_Millot_oeufs

9. Papillons (Butterfly) Poster

A beautiful collection of butterfly paintings for identification. These would be great for a decoupage craft project. You can find more vintage butterfly charts here.

Adolphe_Millot_papillons butterfly poster

10. A Second Papillons (Butterfly) Poster

Another beautifully illustrated vintage butterfly identification poster.

Vintage butterfly poster Adolphe_Millot_papillons

Don’t forget to check out the sea life posters of Adolphe Millot and his antique botanical posters. Also, he made a collection of fruit and vegetable posters.

Sea life posters of Adolphe Millot

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  1. Hi, these pictures are amazing! Is there any way of downloading them all in one go, or in collections instead of individually?

    Thanks for sharing them!!!


    1. Hi Lisa, I’m not sure why that is happening they are OK my end. Have you checked that your printer settings are OK and do the images show as colour on your computer?

  2. thank you again! i printed them for my kids and came out stunning! Will you be posting any more? like vegetables ect. slight obsessed now.

  3. his has got to be one of the best sites I have ever viewed. The beauty of nature at its best, captured in colorful posters. I can’t Thank You enough for providing these beautiful posters, and best of all, making it available to anyone to download and enjoy such beauty. THANK YOU!!!

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  5. Love them all I wanted to know if I can print them poster size like at staples or something like that? Would I need permission?

  6. Hey Claire, thanks for sharing those! Are these free for commercial use, too? (As in, make collages and offer prints?)

  7. Thank you! These are lovely and I will enjoy using them for so many things. You are so kind or do this!
    Betty in Chattanooga

  8. Did I miss it, how big do they print out? They are so, so beautiful. I think I might do some and get them framed for my house. Thank you so much. Some one mentioned to size it down. How might I do that? They do look quite large. Thank you so much.

  9. Thank you! I’m not sure yet how I want to use them but they are awesome. I may size some down to tiny for the governess in one of my dollhouses to use for a nature lesson!

    1. The background is dull because its old. To make the background white you need to use a photo editing programme to either brighten the whole image or select the background and lighten it.

    1. Do you know where to find the actual names the correspond to the numbers on each print? My son is obsessed and I wish i could tell him more about them!

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