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Free Natural History Sea Life Posters Of Adolphe Millot

The most popular collection of vintage images on Pictureboxblue is the beautiful natural history posters of Adolphe Millot. So due to popular demand, I have decided to add to this collection by adding the sea life posters of Adolphe Millot.

Again this is another stunning collection of vintage natural history prints. They would look fantastic on the walls of any home or classroom. If you are fortunate to have a beachside cottage, then these sealife posters framed would be a fabulous addition to your decor.

If you are wondering Adolphe Millot (1857 – 1921) was the senior illustrator at the national natural history museum in Paris ( Muséum national d’histoire naturelle ). He painted these fabulous natural history posters for the French illustrated dictionary “Le Petit Larousse Illustré” first published in 1905.

I’ve also curated the vintage animal posters that were painted by Adolphe Millot. You can see my complete collection of vintage educational posters here.

Vintage Marine and Sea Life Posters To Download

To download the sea life posters of Adolphe Millot, click on the highlighted title link. A higher-resolution image of the poster will automatically open as a new tab on your browser.

The high-resolution image can then be saved to your device or printed.

Natural History Sea life posters of Adolphe Millot

The Sea Life Posters Of Adolphe Millot

1. Poster of Mollusques (Molluscs/shellfish)

There are 95 illustrations in total on this sea life poster of shellfish. Each one is numbered and labelled. From number one, Poulpe (Octopus), to number 95, Telline (clams).

I love the design of this poster, with the tank of octopus and squid in the centre surrounded by a large variety of sea shells.

Molluscs Natural History sea life poster

2. Crustaces (crustaceans) Sea Life Poster

This sea life poster is full of all the Crustaces (crustaceans) in the oceans. That’s the crabs, lobsters and shrimps.

There are 40 illustrations in total they are as follows (Names in French):

  • 1. CRUSTACÉS : Crabe entier.
  • 2. Lophactée.
  • 3. Trapézie.
  • 4. Crabe maculé.
  • 5. Lupa.
  • 6. Callinect.
  • 7. Parthénope.
  • 8. Lambre.
  • 9. Lithode.
  • 10. Callape.
  • 11. Ætthre.
  • 12. Leptopodie.
  • 13. Zozyme.
  • 14. Ixa.
  • 15. Ranine.
  • 16 Birgue.
  • 17. Pagure.
  • 18. Bernard.
  • 19. Ibacus.
  • 20. Langouste.
  • 21. Galathee.
  • 22. Œdipe.
  • 23. Écrevisse.
  • 24. Acanthophyre.
  • 25. Gnatophauzie.
  • 26. Eryneicus.
  • 27. Squille.
  • 28. Gonodactyle.
  • 29. Lysianasse gr..
  • 30.Grubie gr..
  • 31. Biancoline gr..
  • 32. Idotée.
  • 33. Apus.
  • 34. Pontelle gr..
  • 35. Corycaus graciux gr..
  • 36. Corycaus obtus gr..
  • 37. Sééle gr..
  • 38. Saphirine.
  • 39. Anatife.
  • 40. Balane
Crustaceans sea life poster

3. Ocean A Sea Life Poster

This is the first of 2 Ocean posters. These general ocean prints are my favourites from Adolphe Millot’s marine life collection.

Rather than a typical identification sheet, it’s a more artistic interpretation of life in the ocean. I love the variety of sea creatures, from starfish on the Ocean floor to free-swimming Jellyfish and sharks.

Ocean life poster

4. Ocean B Marine Life Poster

The second ocean scene marine poster in Adolphe Millot sea life illustrations.

As a child of about 10 years old, whilst playing in the rock pools of our local beach in Hong Kong, I found the shell of number 7 Lumule (Horseshoe crab). It was one of my most memorable finds. I’d never seen anything like it before and thought I’d found remnants of some prehistoric creature.

Marine life poster

5. Poissons A (fish) – Identification Poster

The first of 2 fish identification posters of Adolphe Millot. There are 40 fish illustrations on this poster, from the small sticklebacks to swordfish.

As with all Adolphe Millot posters the identification key is in French.

Fish identification marine life poster

6. Poissons B (fish) – Identification Poster

The second fish identification poster in Adolphe’s marine posters. Twenty-nine illustrated fish on this sea life print, from a sea horse to a sea eagle.

Poissons B marine life poster

7. Oceanography Poster – Adolphe Millot

Below is another marine poster that’s more artwork than an identification sheet. There is no key on this one. Instead, the name of each sea creature is written directly onto the poster.

Not only are the fish and crustaceans named but so is the coral and any plant life.

Sea life poster

8. Algues (Algae) Marine Poster

This sea life poster of Adolphe Millot focuses on the plant life of the oceans rather than the creatures. That is the variety of algae and seaweed.

Forty-seven plants have been painted for this print, with a full key in French at the bottom.

You’ll find more vintage seaweed and algae illustrations here.

Algues Sea life poster

9. Fish (Poissons) – Adolphe Millot

The fish names on this illustrated fish print are printed next to each creature rather than a key at the bottom.

Includes fish from large rays to sturgeons.

Fish identification print

10. Oceanography 2 – Jellyfish etc

This second sea life poster of Adolphe Millot, oceanographie (oceanography), focuses on jellyfish and sea anemones.

There are 40 painted illustrations of coral, jellyfish and anemones, etc., with a full key at the bottom of the charts.

Oceanographie poster Adolphe Millot

11. Marine Life Poster of Mollusques, Echinoderms etc.

This poster contains illustrations of marine creatures such as starfish, sea urchins, shellfish, squids, jellyfish etc.

Each individual painting has a French identification label next to it.

Adolphe_Millot_mollusques-vers echinodermes, coelenteres, infusoires

There is a cool general sealife poster of the world’s ocean in this collection of educational geographical posters.

If you like these vintage sea life posters, don’t forget to check out my collection of the fabulous fish paintings of Louis Renard, Haeckel’s Jellyfish and the lovely whale drawings of Robert Hamilton. Or the conchology prints of John Mawe.

There is an amazing collection of colorful coral reef illustrations and posters of the Great Barrier reef on Pictureboxblue. Also, there are collections of vintage octopus illustrations and shell posters.

For other Larousse poster collection check out these wonderful tree posters.

Darlene Bray

Saturday 18th of March 2023

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful posters. I’m working on re-decorating my bathroom and my jumping off point is a large teal/white/mirrored fish. I don’t want the beach, cottage feel, just some new paint with a fish theme. A couple of these will blend in seamlessly with my vision, they are different, unexpected yet so very appropriate at the same time. I love your posts, ideas galore! Always inspiring…. Thanks again……One Love….


Sunday 19th of March 2023

Thank you, the fish sounds lovely. Glad you have found the prints useful.

Katie Millard

Thursday 28th of January 2021

Amazing doesn't even come close. Thank you so so much for these. Love them all


Friday 29th of January 2021

Thank you, I know they are all stunning.

Jill Brady

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

Do you sell prints on quality paper of some of the pages I see in the posters inside the Adolphe Millot book?


Friday 3rd of July 2020

Sorry I don't but feel free to download them and get them printed at a print shop.


Sunday 17th of May 2020

Thank you so much for sharing! I love them.


Sunday 17th of May 2020

Thank you, glad you enjoyed them.


Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Thank you so beautiful


Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Glad you enjoyed them.