A Beautiful Copyright Free Collection Of Toucan Paintings

Colourful Toucan Paintings to Download

Toucans are very popular in crafts and interiors at the moment. They are like the new pineapples. That is why I have curated this fabulous collection of copyright free Toucan paintings.

I think it’s the Toucans unique and colourful appearance that has made it one of the world’s most recognisable and popular birds. The bird is famously used to advertise Irish Guinness and Fruit Loops cereal.

There are over forty different species of Toucan’s, the one we are most familiar with is the Toco Toucan. (The one used in the Guinness advertising). They are to be found in only Central and South America.

Toucans are a very unusual and distinctive looking tropical bird.  Here is a collection of fabulous and colorful Toucan paintings.  Copyright free. #Toucan

The PDF downloaded Toucan paintings will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

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The Free Toucan Paintings

1. Toco Toucan 1781

This is an early painting (1781) of the famous Toco Toucan. It looks as though the Toucan is eating a Brazil nut. The painting is from the book “A Synopsis of Birds” by John Latham.

Latham was a English naturalist and has been called the “grandfather” of Australian ornithology.

2. Collection of Toco Toucan Paintings -1839

This collection of Toucan paintings is from the book “The Animal Kingdom” by Baron Cuvier. Cuvier was a famous French naturalist and zoologist.

Toucans from the collection of free toucan paintings to download.

3. Toco Toucan -1806

This magnificent Toco Toucan painting is from the book “Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et Des Rolliers ” ( Natural History of Birds of Paradise and Rollers) by Jacques Barraband 1806.

There is a wonderful Toco toucan with this collection of cigarette card tropical bird paintings.

Magnificent Toucan paintings to download

4. Toco Toucan – John Gould 1834

John Gould is famous for his beautiful bird paintings. He painted this Toco Toucan for his book A monograph of the Ramphastidae: or family of toucans, published in 1834.

Toco Toucan from A monograph of the Ramphastidae: or family of toucans, 1834, by John Gould.  Part of collection of fabulous copyright free vintage touca paintings.

5. Green Billed Toucan – 1765

The green billed toucan (sometimes called the red-breasted toucan) is one of the smallest and most common species of toucans. This particular painting is from the book “Planches enluminées d’histoire naturelle by Buffon & Daubenton, published about 1770.

Green billed toucan illustration part of a collection of Toucan paintings.

6. Green Aracari Toucan 1822

Another small toucan the Green Aracari. This toucan painting is from; Zoological Illustrations, Volume III. by William Swainson.

7. Red Billed Toucan – 1875

One of the larger species of Toucans. This red-billed toucan painting is from “Cassell’s Book of Birds” 1875.

Red billed toucan painting

8. Columbian Toucan Heads -1918

Portraits of Toucans of Colombia, they were drawn in colour by the artist of the expeditions, Mr. Louis Agassi 1918.   From the American Museum Journal.

Columbian Toucan Heads -1918

9. Yellow Billed Toucan -1891

A lovely painting of a yellow-billed toucan from the “Catalogue of Birds in The British Museum” 1891, by John Gerrard Keulemans .

10. Spot Billed Toucan -1826

This is a lovely spot-billed toucan from the “Illustrations of Ornithology” by Williams and Selby.

Spot Billed Toucan -1826 more toucan paintings available.
Toucans are a very unusual and distinctive looking tropical bird.  Here is a collection of fabulous and colorful Toucan paintings.  Copyright free. #toucans

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  1. I just loved the varied colors of toucans; didn’t realize there were so many varieties! The colors fascinated me. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these posts!

  2. Thank you for these lovely images. I am a homeschooler and these have given us a boost of inspiration!
    I was looking for vintage images of fish, and who better to ask!! Are you able to find any? Or do you already have some and I just overlooked them?

    1. Hi Mary, I don’t have any vintage images of fish yet. But watch this space I will be adding some soon along with many others.

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