Beautiful Free Botanical Rose Prints To Download

Gorgeous Floral Rose Prints

The rose is probably one of the showiest of flowers and always associated with love. As Valentine’s is just around the corner, I thought I would share a collection of beautiful botanical rose prints.

There are over three hundred species of roses and thousands of cultivars. They come in a range of sizes, and colours ranging from white through yellows and reds. Roses are all widely grown for their beauty and fragrance. 

Any of these botanical rose prints would be perfect as they are for a lovely Valentine’s card. Or perhaps you want to be a bit more crafty and decoupage something with the roses. Personally, I think a gallery wall of these floral prints would look fantastic in any living room.

There are some wonderful illustrations of whole rose trees on the Larousse tree posters collection.

Roses the flowers of love.  Here are a collection of lovely botanical rose prints which are free to download.  Beautiful enough to hang on a gallery wall.  #roses #rose

The PDF downloaded maps of the United States will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

To download the vintage butterfly images just click on the highlighted title link and a higher resolution jpg will automatically download to your device.

The Botanical Rose Prints

1. JACQUEMINOT Rose 1892

This gorgeous red Jacqueminot Rose is the classic Valentine’s day rose. Whether it is given as a single red rose or a in a bunch of a dozen, this is the rose you will likely to receive on Valentine’s day.

This botanical rose print is from the book “Roses and Rose Culture” printed in 1892 and by Thomas B. Jenkins. In 1853 France gave us General Jacqueminot, leader of the hybrid perpetuate, the grand, dark, crimson rose, so sturdy ingrowth, rich in bloom and powerful in odor. The great half-blown/dusky crimson buds have slept on the bosom of every belle since that day, and they have been sold by the hundred for as many dollars to New York dealers and were retailed, no doubt, for twice that sum. 

Jacqueminot botanical rose print.  Free to download.

2. Tea Rose – 1892

Another beautiful rose print from the book “Roses and Rose Culture” printed in 1892 and by Thomas B. Jenkins. This pink rose is called PERLE DES JARDINS (Tea Rose.)

“This magnificent rose still retains the foremost position as one of the finest tea roses of this color. The color varies from canary to golden yellow, flowers are large and beautifully formed on stiff stems, handsome in every stage and development from the smallest bud to the largest flower.”

Tea Rose one of many lovely botanical rose prints free to download

3. Botanical Fragments of A Rose 1809

A botanical and scientific dissection of the rose plant showing all the component parts of a rose plant. From the roots and leaves to the stamens and rose hips.

Botanical illustration of the fragments of a rose plant.

4. Rosa Inermis – Pierre-Joseph Redouté

A thornless rose the Rosa Inermis. Painted by the famous Belgian painter and botanist Pierre-Joseph Redouté in 1817

5. Rosa centifolia – Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Another beautiful botanical rose prints to download by Pierre-Joseph Redoute. This is a beautiful example of a Rosa Centifolia better known as a cabbage rose.

Free beautiful botanical rose prints to download including this cabbage rose.

6. China Rose And Common Hill Mynas

I don’t know much about this rose print except that it was painted in 1883. I included it as I love the composition and the Japanese text.

7. French Rose – Pierre-Joseph Redouté

The colour of this French Rose (Rosa Gallica) is gorgeous. Another beautiful botanical rose print of Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

8. Rosa Hemisphaerica 1815

The gorgeous yellow colour of this rose gives it its name the Sulphur Rose (Rosa hemisphaerica). From The Botanical Register 1815.

Sulphur Rose one of many beautiful botanical rose prints free to download.


This lovely rose botanical painting is from ” The Canadian horticulturist (monthly), 1889.

The Canadian horticulturist (monthly), 1889  Rose John Hopper

A collection of these vintage botanical rose prints would look fabulous on a gallery wall.  I love roses so much that I have made my own map roses.

Lilies also symbolize love and are a wonderful alternative to roses in a romantic bouquet.

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Roses the flowers of love.  Here are a collection of lovely botanical rose prints which are free to download.  Beautiful enough to hang on a gallery wall.

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