Downloadable Woodland Vintage Botanical Prints For Free

The spring makes me think of flowers and tropical botanicals. Whereas for fall, I think of more woodland vintage botanical prints.

Pine cones and acorns make me think of fall and I love to decorate my home with these vintage botanical images. Also living in the Northern Hemisphere, woodland foliage is the one I’m most used to.

I think a gallery wall of botanical prints can look amazing on the living room wall. If you are looking for some vintage botanical print gallery wall inspiration you should check out this post from the Painted Hive.

Or you can craft with these images and make some gorgeous bunting with the woodland prints to decorate your home for fall. Like this bunting from

Vintage botanical print bunting

Free Woodland Vintage Botanical Prints For Fall

The PDF downloaded vintage botanical prints will be of a higher resolution than the images below.

To download the prints just click on the highlighted title link and a PDF of the botanical print will automatically download to your device. For illustrations of whole trees check out the stunning tree posters of Larousse.

Free Printable woodland botanical prints

Acorns and Oaks

Acorns are a great symbol of autumn and fall. It’s not just the squirrels that eat them in the past they were an important food source for Native American Indians.

The acorn was a popular motif in Roman architecture. Its also a common symbol in Scandinavian art and used as an adornment on furniture, jewelry and cutlery. It also appears on finials at many churches including Westminster Abbey.

1.White Oak – Histoire des arbres forestiers de l’Amérique (1812)

White Oak Free Vintage botanical print

2. Black Jack Oak – Histoire des arbres forestiers de l’Amérique (1812)

Black Jack oak free botanical printable

3. Grey Oak – Histoire des arbres forestiers de l’Amérique (1812)

Grey oak botanical print

4. Austrian Oak – Traite des arbres forestiers (1824)

Austrian Oak Vintage Botanical Print

5. Chestnut White Oak – Histoire des arbres forestiers de l’Amérique (1812)

Chestnut white oak botanical image

Pine, fir, conifer and spruces

There are lots of different types of conifer/pine trees. These pine cones are often collected and used for home decorations and wreaths. There are hundreds of arts and crafts on pinterest using pine cones. They also make for great vintage botanical prints.

6. Norwegian Spruce – Billeder af nordens flora 1917

This is probably one of the most common spruces to be used as Christmas trees.

Vintage print of Norwegian Spruce

7. Brazilian Pine – 1824

Even though this isn’t a typical shape for a pine cone this has to be one of my favourite vintage pine cone drawings.

Vintage botanical print of the Brazilian Pine

8. Longleaf (Indian) Pine – 1824

Longleaf pine vintage image

9. Stone Pine – 1824

Vintage botanical image stone pine

Here’s another close-up illustration of the Stone Pine cone.

10. Pitch Pine -1824

Pitch pine free printable

There are some wonderful woodland leaf prints here.

You might want to check out these beautiful free vintage flower pictures to download.

Free Printable flower pictures
free vintage botanical prints for fall pin 3

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  1. Thank you so much for providing these! They are beautiful. I just tried printing the Austrian oak but it says the URL is broken. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you!

  2. HI Claire,
    Is it possible to fix the link for the Austrian Oak? I cannot open the site. Do you have any companions to this print? I am looking for the paler background and soft colors of this oak.

  3. I cannot access the download feature for the “grey oak” … can you email me the image file?
    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful vintage prints!

  4. My granddaughter and I make nature journals that we sell at church bazaars and markets. Are we allowed to use these images? Thank you.

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