More Gorgeous Free Vintage Maps of Europe

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More Gorgeous Free Vintage Maps of Europe – Central and Southern

A couple of weeks ago I published a variety of gorgeous free printable old maps of Europe from my collection. These were all of Northern European Countries. This time I’ve uploaded even more beautiful free vintage maps of Europe but this time the focus is on Central and Southern Countries.

All of these free vintage maps of Europe are over a hundred years old. Unlike with Northern Europe, there has been a lot of change in the geographical borders of these European countries.

The biggest change has to be with the break up of the Soviet Union. The dissolution of the Soviet Union into 11 different Countries occurred at the end of 1991.

Therefore, any maps of Europe pre-1991 show the USSR and not all the new Baltic states and other former Soviet Republics. However, Russia is still the largest country in the world.

The PDF downloaded maps will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

To download the maps just click on the highlighted map title link and a PDF of the map will automatically download to your device.

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  1. Vintage Map of Central & Mediterranean Europe – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898

    This vintage map of Europe gives a fantastic overview of the region and really shows how the borders have changed over the last century. The Austrian Hungarian empire is huge, there is no Yugoslavia nevermind the Czech Republic or Brataslavia. Poland is part of the Russian Empire.

  2. There is also detailed close-ups of the Mediterranean Country of Malta and the British Colony of Gibraltar. This map would look fantastic on the wall, it’s just so interesting to look out to see how Europe has changed so much over the last 100 years.

Vintage map of Central Europe & The Mediterranean

2. Vintage Map of Italy – German Atlas

This is map is from an old German Atlas, unfortunately, I don’t have any more details as the maps were bought loose at antiques fair.

The Italian borders are pretty much the same 100years ago as they are today.
Vintage Map of Italy (German Atlas)

3. Vintage Map of Russia In Europe – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898

Most of the Russian states in this vintage map of Russia from the 19th century are now independent Countries.

Vintage Map of Russia in Europe Batholemews

4. Vintage Map of Russia In Asia

I don’t know what Atlas that this vintage map of Russia was from originally as it was a loose one in my collection. I do, however, believe it is well over 100 years old.

Vintage map of Russia in Europe

5. Vintage Map of Italy – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1892

Another great vintage map of Italy, this one though is in English and more colourful.

Vintage Map of Italy Citizen Atlas

6. Vintage Map of Spain & Portugal – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898

You can’t get much more Southerly in Europe than Portugal and Spain. I have a particular affinity with Portugal as my parents have lived there (Tavira) for over 20 years now and I visit the country every year at least once.

Vintage Spain and Portugal Citizen Atlas

7. Vintage Map of Switzerland – Gerorge Philip and Son

vintage map of switzerland - george phillips and son s

8. Colourful Vintage Map of Central Europe

This map is again in German. It is looks like something from a vintage geography text book. I’m not sure what the scales and colours represent but I just love the colourfulness of this map.

9. Vintage Map of Poland – Gerorge Philip and Son

This is a lovely old map of the “Former Kingdom of Poland” before it’s partition between Russia, Austria and Prussia. The map even shows which areas were divided between each of those European empires.

Vintage map of Poland

9. Vintage Map of The Austrian Empire – George Philip and Son

Just the fact that this is a map of the Austrian empire which doesn’t exsist any more, proves that this map is from the 1800’s.

Vintage Map of Austrian Empire - George Philip and Son s

If you want large scale maps then simply email the PDF to your local printers and they should be able to print you off a high-resolution print ready for framing.

Check out all my other free maps to download. If you are looking for other continental maps check out these wonderful old maps of Africa.

Pillarboxblue has some fantastic DIY and craft map ideas I recommend you check them out. If you are going to decoupage with them then I recommend using a laser jet printer.

10 thoughts on “More Gorgeous Free Vintage Maps of Europe

  1. Thank you for your maps.
    Found the Austrian Empire map very helpful as it explains to my family as to how we were governed and by whom over the centuries.

  2. Hi Claire,

    I’m producing some candle labels for a customer, and she wants an old vintage map as the background. Is it ok to use image 1 for this please? I wasn’t sure if they were copyright, or if you needed a mention if they were to be used?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Victoria. These images are in the public domain and copyright free so it is OK for you to use them.

  3. Thank you for sharing your collection of vintage maps. I found your site by chance and I love this kind of of stuff.

    I am trying to give you some explanation to the colorful map # 8 shown here on this site:

    This map shows how the german people have votet für their parliament (the “Reichtstag”) in the years 1898 – 1903. The colors responsed to the different political parties, for example the dark blue-green belongs to the conservative partie, red to the social-democratic partie. The colored spots are the voting districts and the color belongs to the partie which has the majority in it.

    I hope this will help and you understand my bad English. If you have questions about other German maps in your collection, I’ll be happy to help.

    Greetings from Germany


    1. Thank you, that’s really interesting. I find old maps like this fascinating especially as I understand thus one a bit more now.

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