Free Printable Old Maps Of Europe (Northern)

Downloadable Old Maps of Europe: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Holland & Belgium, Germany, Great Britain & Ireland & Scotland

This is part of my collection of old maps of Europe. These are Northern European maps which come from three different Atlas originally. These are Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898 and a German Atlas from the late 1800’s. The map of Scotland was loose in my collection and I believe it came from an unidentified English Atlas again from the 1800’s.

Even those these vintage maps are well over 100 years old, the borders are the same today. Unlike with Eastern Europe, there has not been much change in the geographical borders in these Northern European countries. The maps of Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany are from an antique German Atlas. Therefore, on these maps, the place names are in German which I think only adds to their interest.

I have included a German geopolitical map. Not because I’m interested in historical politics but this just happens to be quite a colourful map. As I love to craft with old maps this would be a great map to decoupage with.

The PDF downloaded maps will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

To download the maps just click on the hightlighted map title link and a PDF of the map will automatically download to your device.

Free Printable old Maps of Europe


    1. Old Map of Norway & Sweden – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898

      My hubby’s from Norway and I think it is the most beautiful country in the world (mind you I haven’t visited them all yet!). Therefore, I’m always on the look out for Norwegian maps to craft with. I once even madepersonalised map chairs using a Norwegian roadmap.

      Old Map of Sweden and Norway

    1. Old Map of Denmark – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898

      Can’t forget the other Scandinavian country, Denmark!

      old map of Denmark

    1. Great Britain & Ireland – German Atlas

      This is map is from an old German Atlas, unfortunately I don’t have any more details as the maps were bought loose at antiques fair.

      Old Map of Great Britain & Ireland

Two Old Maps of France (North & South) – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898

France is one of the biggest countries in Europe, that’s probably why it got spread over 2 maps in the Atlas.

    1. France North

Old Map of Northern France

    1. France South

Old Map of Southern France

Two Maps of Germany, geographical & political – German Atlas.

Probably because these maps were from a German atlas, there was a rather colourful political map of Germany as well as the standard geographical.

    1. Geographical Old Map of Germany

Old Map of Germany in German

    1. Old Political Map of Germany

Old Political map of Germany

    1. Old Map of Holland & Belgium – Bartholemew’s Citizens Atlas of The World 1898

      Old Map of Holland & Belgium 1898

    1. Map of Netherlands -German Atlas

Old Map of Netherlands -

  1. Old Map of Scotland

This was a loose map in my collection, unfortunately with no details of what atlas it came from. However, it looks like it is from the late 1800s.

Old map of Scotland

If you are looking for more free vintage maps of Europe you should check these old maps of Ireland out.

Free Old Map of Denmark 1898
FREE Old Map of Great Britain & Ireland
FREE Old Maps of France 1898
FREE old map of sweden and Norway
FREE Old Maps of Germany
Old Map of Holland & Belgium 1898 Map

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  1. Stumbled across your map links working with something else entirely but LOVE them and will probably print and frame as a set. Thanks very much for the work you put in, gathering and putting these together!

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