Beautiful Free Vintage Flower Pictures To Download

Gorgeous Printable Vintage Flower Pictures

All the flowers in my garden are blooming at the moment and it looks beautiful. Feeling inspired by the florals in my garden I have curated some gorgeous vintage flower pictures which are free for you to download.

As these flower pictures are all over a hundred years, they were a bit faded and dull. Therefore, I have cleaned up the originals slightly and brightened them up for you. So they would look great printed on to good quality paper and displayed on a gallery wall. If you want inspiration on how to style a gallery wall there are some fabulous ideas on Apartment Therapy.

These flower prints would also be great to decoupage with. Whether its a tin can or to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a fabulous art piece.

The collection includes many of my favourite flowers from all over the world. These include such flowers as Roses including a Chinese rose, Iris, Peony & Aneome. There are 2 gorgeous collections of painted flowers including one of some lovely meadow flowers painted by the famous French painter Adolphe Millot. The other is a beautiful arrangement of florals which I think would look fantastic decoupaged onto furniture.
Free Printable flower pictures
The PDF downloaded maps will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

To download the maps just click on the highlighted title link and a PDF of the map will automatically download to your device.

The Free Printable Vintage Flower Pictures


  1. Rosa cerasocarpa – 1916 Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, London

    Rosa cerasocarpa 1916

  3. Adolphe Millot fleurs – Nouveau Larousse Illusre

    Aldolphe Millet Fleurs free printable

  5. Anemone nemorosa — Flora Batava 1889

    Anemone nemorosa — Flora Batava Free Printable

  7. Argyreia sp Blanco – Flora de Filipinas 1880

    Argyreia_sp_Blanco Flora de Fillipanos 1880 free printable

  9. Common Peony – Flora Medica 1831

    Common Peony - Flora_medica Free Printable

  11. Orchid Disa Unifora – Flowers of South Africa 1890’s

    Orchid Disa_uniflora _flowers of South Africa

  13. Iris – Flora Parisiensis – 1776



  15. Yellow Flower – Floras Dictionary 1855



  17. Floral Wreath – Johannes Simon Holtzbecher -1650’s



  19. Rosa corymbulosa -1914 Curtis’s Botanical Magazine

    Rosa corymbulosa 1914 Free Printable
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