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31 Elegant Art Fruit Prints – Free Vintage Collection

Find the perfect piece of fruit artwork within our Pomological collection. High-quality digital art prints featuring vibrant colours and famous fruit illustrations await to transform your space with timeless elegance.

Discover the world of Pomology, the fascinating branch of botany dedicated to studying and cultivating fruit, through our curated collection of high-quality, free watercolour fruit prints from the esteemed US Department of Agriculture’s Pomological Watercolor Collection

This treasure trove of digital art features a vibrant array of fruity artwork, including over 3000 apple illustrations and a plethora of other fruits, some of which represent no existing varieties. Completed between 1886 and 1916 by talented artists, these pieces embody the perfect blend of decorative art and famous art, making them ideal for enhancing your home decor.

Whether you’re looking to adorn your kitchen walls with vivid colours or searching for that perfect piece of fruit art prints to add a touch of elegance to your living space, our collection offers a unique selection of designs. 

From the intricate details of a single pear to the lively essence captured in watercolor lemon paintings, and the historical charm of apple gatherers, each print is a testament to the beauty and diversity of fruit print art. 

Explore our collection today and find the perfect fruit art print to bring the richness of nature into your home.

For illustrations of whole fruit trees, check out Larousse’s tree posters. I also have a selection of vintage avocado drawings from the collection.

watercolor fruit prints

How To Download the Fruit Prints

The downloaded vintage watercolor fruit paintings will be of a higher resolution than the images below.

To download the paintings, just click on the highlighted title link and a PDF or Jpeg of the watercolour fruit print, and it will automatically download to your device.

Apple & Pear Fruit Prints 1-6

Apples, pears, and plums are part of the rose family. Apples are one of the most commonly cultivated fruits. They are grown all over the world but originated from Central Asia. Like most fruits, apples are believed to have health benefits, hence the common saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

There are over 8,000 varieties of apples and over 3,000 watercolour fruit paintings in the Pomological collection. Here, I have selected some of the best apple paintings.

1. Green Apple Watercolor – Mann Variety

Watercolor fruit painting of the Mann variety of apples painted in 1912 by Ellen Schutt.

Mann variety of apple

2. Red Apple Fruit Illustration – Ingram Variety

Illustration of the Ingram variety of apples painted by Amanda Newton in 1911.

3. Watercolor Apple Illustration – Willow Variety

A watercolour illustration of a Willow apple by Mary Arnold 1917. Mary Arnold was one of the most prolific artists at the USDA. Between 1908 and 1940, she painted over 1060 watercolour fruit prints.

watercolor fruit print of an apple

4. English Pear Watercolor Painting

Another one of Mary Arnold’s single pear prints, this time of an English Jargonelle variety of pears (Pyrus communis). Painted in 1912.

5. Hoover Apple Fruit Print

Hoover apple variety painted by Amanda Newton in 1907.

6. Watercolor fruit painting – Anju Pear

An Anju Pear was painted by Ellen Shutt in 1910. The USA is one of the largest growers of pears in the world. Most pears are grown in the West Coast states of Oregon and Washington. Every pear in the US is picked by hand.

Illustration of an Anju pear free fruit print

Citrus Fruit Prints 7-12

Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and pomelos. The Pomelo is notable for being the biggest citrus fruit.

In Southeast Asia, the pomelo is celebrated as a festive fruit, particularly during New Year’s celebrations. Consuming citrus fruits offers numerous health advantages, including a rich vitamin C content.

7. Watercolour Fruit – Tangelo

This lovely picture is of the Un-Shu variety of tangelo (Citrus tangelo) painted in 1908. A tangelo is a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a tangerine.

Watercolor tangelo fruit print from the Pomological Collection

8. Watercolor Illustration Sport Lemon

The Sport variety of lemon. This watercolor was painted in 1885.

Lemons originally come from South Asia. They have both culinary and non-culinary uses.

Watercolour fruit print sport lemon

9. Grapefruit Print

Watercolor of triumph variety of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi).

Grapefruits originate from Barbados and are a hybrid between oranges and Pomelo. They are sour like lemons but also bitter too. People on medication have to be careful about eating grapefruits and juice as it can interfere with the performance of many drugs.

watercolor fruit painting grapefruit

10. Watercolor Fruit Illustration Navel Orange

Painting of a Navel orange by Amanda Newton, 1914.

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits in the world. It is a hybrid between a pomelo and a mandarin. Brazil is the largest grower of oranges in the world, followed by the USA and China. Orange juice is such an important product that it is one of the commodities traded on the New York Board of Trade.

11. Watercolor Fruit Illustration – Persian Lime

Persian lime painted in 1909 by Elsie Lower.

The Persian lime is the most widely grown and popular variety of limes. The fruit turns yellow as it ripens but is often sold while still green.

Persian lime print pomological collection

12 Schang Pomelo – Vintage Fruit Print

Schang variety of pomelo, painted by Mary Arnold in 1931.

Vintage pomelo print

Vintage Berry Paintings 13-18

13 Botanical Illustration of Sparhawk Cherries

Watercolor Sparhawk cherries (Prunus avium) painted 1915.

Cherry blossom is one of my favourite flowers. The street I live on is lined with cherry trees. It looks so pretty in spring when they are in full blossom.

Vintage watercolour fruit print of Cherries from the Pomological collection

14. Early Giant Strawberries Print

A 1916 painting of the Early Giant variety of Strawberries by Mary Arnold.

Technically in botanical terms the Strawberry isn’t a berry. China grows the most strawberries.

At the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament, 28,000 kg of Strawberries is eaten with an average of 10,000 litres of cream over the fortnight. This winning combination has been served at every tournament since the first-ever Wimbledon in 1877.

Early giant strawberries watercolor fruit painting

15. Eaton Red Raspberries – Watercolor Fruit Print

Botanical painting of Eaton variety of red raspberries by Ellen Schutt 1906.

Raspberries are one of my favourite fruits to pick in the wild. They grow all along the hedgerows near my home. Be careful only to select the ripe ones, though. Unlike other fruits, raspberries do not continue to ripen once picked.

Eaton red raspberries watercolour illustration and print

16. Vintage Botanical Painting – Blackberries

A watercolor fruit print of blackberries painted by Amanda Newton 1913.

blackberries on branch watercolour fruit print

17. Blueberry Watercolor

A 1915 watercolor painting of blueberries by James Shull.

My first wild blueberries were picked from the forest floor in Norway. Blueberries are the only naturally blue food. They also have one of the highest antioxidant health benefits compared to more than 40 fresh fruits and vegetables.

Watercolor blueberries illustration

18. Watercolour Cranberries Print

A 1914 watercolor painting of the Jumbo variety of American Cranberries by Mary Arnold.

Cranberries will always be associated with Christmas. No Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner is complete without cranberry sauce.

Jumbo cranberries vintage watercolour print

Find a fabulous illustration of berries in Charlotte Yonge’s collection of vintage fruit and vegetable prints.

Tropical Fruit Paintings 19-24

19. Mangosteen Watercolor

Mangosteens, often hailed as the ‘queen of fruits,’ offer a unique taste experience with their sweet, tangy flavour and creamy texture, enclosed in a deep purple rind.

Mangosteen illustration from the Pomological collection

20. Watercolour Mango Print

Watercolor illustration of the Hayden variety of mango by Royal Charles Steadman, 1923.

More fresh mangoes are eaten every day than any other fruit. The mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. It is also Bangladesh’s national tree. In India, the harvest and sale of mangoes are from March– May and news agencies annually cover this.

Mango watercolor print

21. Pineapple Watercolor

Watercolor fruit pineapple painting by James Shull 1919.

I think of the pineapple as the king of fruits; it looks majestic with its armour and crown. The pineapple is a welcoming symbol, which is perhaps why it’s such a popular image in home interiors.

Maria Sibylla Merian painted some beautiful pineapples with insects. And you’ll find a whole collection of pineapple drawings on the Pictureboxblue.

Pineapple watercolor fruit prints

22. Watercolor Papaya

Botanical illustration of a cut papaya by Mary Arnold, 1912.

The ripe fruit of the papaya is usually eaten raw, but it is enhanced with a squeeze of lime. The unripe green fruit can be eaten cooked and is used as an ingredient in salads. Raw papaya, like the famous Sam Tom salad, is a popular ingredient in Thai cuisine.

papaya painting from the Pomological watercolour fruit prints collection

23. Watercolor Fruit Print – Guava

A 1906 watercolor fruit illustration of the Guava by Amanda Newton.

Guava is often labelled as a “super fruit” because it contains four times more vitamin C than an orange, three times more proteins and fibre than pineapple, two times more lycopene than tomato and slightly more potassium than a banana. Guava juice is delicious and a family favourite.

Pomological watercolor of a guava fruits

24. Pomegranate Illustration

Botanical painting of pomegranate by Amanda Newton from the Pomological Watercolor Collection.

The name pomegranate means apple with many seeds. The seeds and the jelly-like flesh surrounding them are the edible parts of the pomegranate. Pomegranate juice is full of antioxidants. My favourite use for pomegranates is in Middle Eastern salads.

vintage Pomegranate fruit print

Other Popular Fruit Prints 25-31

25. Watercolor Illustration of Avocado

A 1916 watercolor painting of the Wagner avocado by Royal Charles Steadman.

Yes, avocados are a fruit and not a vegetable. Avocados contain four grams of protein, making them the fruit with the highest protein content.

You’ll find a whole separate collection of vintage avocado drawings here.

vintage Avocado illustration print

Print 26. Banana Illustration

Painted by James Marion Shull 1919

Print 27. Concord Grapes

Image of the Concord variety of grapes (scientific name: Vitis), with this specimen originating in Daphne, Baldwin County, Alabama, United States.

Print 28. Anita Plums

 Anita variety of plums (scientific name: Prunus domestica), with this specimen originating in Vacaville, Solano County, California, United States.

Print 29. Donegal Peaches

A fruit print of Donegal variety of peaches (scientific name: Prunus persica), with this specimen originating in Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. 

Donegal Peachs illustration

Print 30. Tom Watson Watermelon

Tom Watson variety of watermelons fruit print from the collection.

Print 31. White Grapes

Dattier de Beyrouth variety of grapes.

Conclusion & Other Posts

This carefully curated selection of 31 fruit prints from the vast Pomological collection represents a glimpse into its extensive archive, featuring thousands of exquisite illustrations.

The assortment of fruity art provides a distinctive and sophisticated way for incorporating the charm of vintage botanical art into your decor or craft projects. Boasting intricate details and vibrant hues, these enduring illustrations celebrate the rich variety and captivating beauty of fruits as portrayed by artists more than a hundred years ago.

A great way to display these fruit paintings is by printing them on watercolor paper first.

Adolphe Millot has drawn some wonderful fruit and vegetable posters and identification charts, which you can print for free. Some wonderful vintage vegetable illustrations here include a few fruits, too.

There are also some fruit images in Mrs Beeton’s cookbook.

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