Beautiful Free Antique Watercolor Fruit Images To Download

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The Best Vintage Watercolor Fruit Paintings

Even at my age I still come across words I never heard of before, (or I just forget them). My latest new word is Pomology which according to Wikipedia is a branch of botany that studies and cultivates fruit. I came across the word when I find a bunch of absolutely gorgeous watercolour fruit paintings from the US Departement of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Fruit Collection.

The Pomological Watercolor collection is an amazing archive of thousands of amazing watercolour fruit paintings and line drawings. There are over 3000 paintings of apples alone in the collection. Many varieties of which no longer exists. Most of the watercolour paintings were completed between 1886 to 1916 by several different artists.

Here I have curated a collection of some of my favourite fruit paintings from the collection which you are copyright free.

Free printable antique watercolor fruit images

The PDF downloaded vintage watercolour fruit paintings will be of a higher resolution than the images below.

To download the paintings just click on the highlighted title link and a PDF of the watercolour fruit and it will automatically download to your device.

Watercolor Fruit from the Pomological Watercolor Collection

    1. Red Apple Watercolor

      This red apple (Latin name:Malus domestica) was painted in 1903. I love the cross-section detail complete with pip.

    1. Lida Strawberry Watercolor

      This variety of Strawberry known as Lida (Fragaria) was painted in 1889.

      watercolor strawberry

    1. Mangosteen Watercolor

      Mangosteens are actually my favourite fruit, but you don’t come across them often here in the UK. If you have never had one the white flesh tastes a bit like lychee crossed with a passionfruit. Just make sure you don’t bite into the purple flesh though as it is extremely bitter.

    1. Watercolor Peach

      This gorgeous peach is from the Fay variety (Prunus persica) painted in 1899.

      peach watercolor fruit

    1. Watercolour fruit tangelo

      This lovely picture is of the Un-Shu variety of tangelo (Citrus tangelo) painted in 1908.

      Watercolor tangelo

    1. English Pear Watercolor Painting

      English Jargonelle variety of pears (Pyrus communis) painted in 1912.

    1. Watercolor fruit lemon

      Sport variety of lemon (Citrus limon) watercolor painted 1885.

    1. Watercolor Cherries

      Watercolor Sparhawk cherries (Prunus avium) painted 1915.

    1. Avocado Watercolor

Chappelow Avocado (Persea) watercolor painted 1916.

Watercolor avocado painting

  1. Watercolor Grapefruit

    Watercolor of triumph variet of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi).

    watercolor fruit painting grapefruit

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