Free old map of Texas and 9 other Southern States

Printable old map of Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee

These gorgeous old Maps of the Southern United States come from an original US Atlas circa 1885. Unfortunately, I don’t have details of the original publishers as these maps were purchased loose as individual pages.

There is a scale drawn on each map and they are highly detailed giving county boundaries, county towns, railroads, and canals etc. The maps have been sharpened and cleaned up after scanning. They are beautifully printed and would look fantastic in a frame.

The PDF downloaded maps will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

To download the maps just click on the text link and a PDF of the map will automatically download to your device.

Free 1885 US Southern States Maps

  1. Old Map of Texas

    Old map of Texas state 1885


  3. Old Map of Florida

    Old Map of Florida USA


  5. Old Map of Louisiana

    Old Map Louisiana USA


  7. Old Map of Georgia

    Old Map of Georgia USA


  9. Old Map of North & South Carolina

    Old Map of North & South Carolina State 1885


  11. Old Map of Alabama

    Old Map of Alabama State 1885


  13. Old Map of Mississippi

    Old Map of Mississippi USA


  15. Old Map of Arkansas



  17. Old Map of Tennessee

    Old Map of Tennessee

Any of these maps would look great in a frame. The maps are larger than A4. Print them on your printer at home and they will automatically shrink to size. I recommend using a matte photo paper to help preserve that vintage look.

If you want large scale maps then simply email the PDF to your local printers and they should be able to print you off a high-resolution print ready for framing.

Pillarboxblue has some fantastic DIY and craft map ideas I recommend you check them out. If you are going to decoupage with them then I recommend using a laser jet printer.

Free Old Map Alabama

FREE download old map Arkansas

FREE download old map Florida

FREE download old map Georgia

FREE download old map Louisiana

FREE download old map mississippi

FREE download old map North and South Carolina

FREE download old map texas


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