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19 Free Beautiful Chrysanthemum Botanical Illustrations from the Public Domain

Inside: A collection of free Chrysanthemum botanical illustrations, art and drawings in the Public Domain.

Chrysanthemum a flower that has long been a symbol of autumn and the embodiment of life’s simple pleasures. From the moment they burst into bloom, with their vibrant hues ranging from a fiery red to a calming white, they never fail to remind us of the fleeting beauty of life. Their name comes from the Greek words “chrysos” (gold) and “anthemon” (flower) – quite literally, the golden flower.

For centuries, cultures worldwide have held a deep fascination for Chrysanthemums. Artists have long been captivated by the flower’s intricate petals, each seeming to tell a story of its own. That is why I have added the flower to the collection of specific species of botanical flower illustrations. This includes roses, peonies, daffodils, sunflowers, and many more.

Chrysanthemum botanical illustrations and art prints

Fun Facts About Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemums are a broad and diverse group of flowers with a rich history and various uses!

  1. In many cultures, the chrysanthemum symbolises autumn because it is one of the few flowers that bloom into the fall.
  2. The chrysanthemum symbolises the emperor and the imperial family in Japan. And the “Festival of Happiness” in Japan celebrates this flower.
  3. Chrysanthemums feature heavily in traditional Japanese patterns and are called Kiku-zukushi.
  4. Horticulturists cultivate more than 200 species of chrysanthemum and thousands of varieties. They can vary significantly in colour, size, and form. Some chrysanthemums are used as border plants for their neat habit and constant flowering, while others, often called mums, are grown for their large, showy blooms.
  5. Chrysanthemums have been used in teas in Asia and in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.
  6. The flowers are also used to produce pyrethrum, a natural insecticide.
  7. Chrysanthemums are not particularly fussy and can be grown in any soil. However, they do prefer full sunlight. They are propagated from cuttings or by division.
  8. Chrysanthemums are popular in gardening due to their various colours and types. You can find chrysanthemums that grow in a bushy manner, ones that grow tall, and even ones that hang down beautifully from pots.
  9. The largest chrysanthemum in the number of flowers grown on a single plant has over 500 blooms and was developed in the UK.
  10. In terms of the largest single chrysanthemum bloom, or “incurve”, the record goes to a bloom over 11 inches in diameter, grown in the USA.
  11. After the flower is cut, it can last for several weeks if properly cared for, making it a popular choice for flower arrangements and bouquets.

The Free Chrysanthemum Botanical Illustrations

To download the Chrysanthemum botanical print you want, click on the title above that illustration. A higher-resolution image will open in a new tab on your browser. You can then print and save this image.

All the Chrysanthemum pictures below are in the Public Domain, so you can use them however you wish.

Assorted Chrysanthemum Prints

Print 1: Louis Van Houtte Chrysanthemums

Louis Van Houtte (1810-1876) was a celebrated Belgian horticulturist who established one of the most successful horticultural companies in 19th-century Europe.

In 1845, Van Houtte began publishing “Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe” (“Flowers of the Greenhouses and Gardens of Europe”), a periodical filled with stunning botanical illustrations and detailed plant descriptions. This Chrysanthemum illustration is from that publication.

 Louis Van Houtte Chrysanthemum

Print 2: Chrysanthemum Indicum

Chrysanthemum indicum is a perennial plant native to China, known for its variety of flower colours and its use in traditional medicine, particularly for treating inflammation and respiratory issues.

The print is from the”The Botanical Register”, a London-based botanical magazine published from 1815-1847. Renowned for its high-quality plant illustrations, it provides valuable resources for botany enthusiasts.

Chrysanthemum Indicum "the botanical registar"

Print 3: 1897 Chrysanthemums

This print is from the book “Favourite Flowers of Garden and Greenhouse” by Edward Step.

bunch of colourful Chrysanthemum botanical illustrations

Print 4: Indian Chrysanthemum

Painting from “The American flora” 1855.

Indian Chrysanthemum botanical illustrations

Print 5: Verneuil Chrysanthemum

Illustration by Maurice Verneuil from the Art Nouveau Flower book “La plante et ses applications ornementales” 1896.

Verneuil Chrysanthemums

Print 6: Pink Chrysanthemum

Semi-double quilled pink Chrysanthemum from the book “Floral Illustrations of the Seasons”m1829, by Margret Roscoe.

Pink Chrysanthemum botanical illustrations

Chrysanthemum Botanical Illustrations From The Floral Magazine

The following four prints Japanese Chrysanthemums are from “The Floral Magazine“.

The Magazine was a 19th-century British periodical dedicated to horticulture. It was first published in 1861 and continued for a few decades. The Magazine was known for its beautiful and detailed colour plates of flowers, many new species being introduced to the British public for the first time. The illustrations were often hand-coloured lithographs created by some of the most talented botanical artists.

Print 7: Japanese Chrysanthemums

Of the flowers now figured, Sol (fig. 1), the upper figure in the plate, is a bright golden yellow with tolerably broad petals, the petals having an upward tendency. Sultan (fig. 2) is a curiously twisted flower of a light lilac colour, the reverse of petals being darker, and thus giving a shading to the flower“.

Japanese Chrysanthemums

Print 8: Large Flowering Chrysanthemums

The varieties now figured are Her Majesty (fig. 2), a beautiful light-coloured flower of fine dwarf habit, and Lord Palmerston (fig. 1), a dark rose-amaranth, incurved and tipped with silvery white, very distinct and novel in its appearance.”

Large-flowering Chrysanthemums

Print 9: Pompon Chrysanthemums

Pompons or Lilliputians (derived from the Chusan Daisy) are those which are more especially admired for pot culture, neither requiring the room of the large ones and being more available for bouquets; the former are the favourites with exhibitors, the latter with ladies.

Pompon Chrysanthemums

Print 10: Striped Japanese Chrysanthemum

Striped Japanese Chrysanthemum Flora Magazine

Chinese Chrysanthemum Art

Paintings and illustrations of chrysanthemums have a long tradition in Chinese culture. They are one of the “Four Gentlemen” (also known as the “Four Noble Ones”), a group of plants that includes the plum blossom, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum. These plants have been frequent subjects in Chinese art and literature and symbolize virtues and qualities admired by scholars and gentlemen.

Print 11: Qing Chrysanthemums 1

A painting of yellow, orange and pink Chrysanthemums from the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City Beijing.

You’ll find prints of traditional Chinese patterns here.

Chinese chrysanthemum art

Print 12: Qing Chrysanthemums 2

Chinese Chrysanthemum art

Print 13: Red & White Chrysanthemums

Painting by Don Gao and from the Palace Museum collection.

Chinese Chrysanthemums

Print 14: Yellow / Golden Chrysanthemum

yellow Chinese Chrysanthemum botanical illustration

Seed Catalogue Illustrations

Catalogue and seed packet art of Chrysanthemum botanical illustrations. You can find gardening catalogue roses here.

Print 15: Chrysanthemums in Vase

From a 1989 Buckbee seed catalogue.

Catalogue Chrysanthemums in vase

Print 16: Chrysanthemum Gems

From “Condensed Catalogue of Special Offers in Choise Plants, Seeds & Fruit”, 1896.

Catalogue Chysanthemum gems

Print 17: Golden Glow

Summer Chrysanthemums

Print 18 Chrysanthemums On Water

A Japanese painting of Chrysanthemums by the artist Ohara Koson.

Chrysanthemums on water by Ohara Koson

Print 19: Exotic Birds and Chrysanthemums

Another vintage Japanese painting of Chrysanthemums, this one is by Kono Bairei.

Vintage Japanese painting of exotic birds and Chrysanthemums

Hopefully, as art lovers, you were captivated by the beauty of these illustrations. Or, as history enthusiasts and nature lovers will find them insightful and inspiring, gardeners and botany hobbyists might appreciate their detailed portrayals of this diverse species.

Other Botanical Illustrations

There are some traditional Japanese Chrysanthemum patterns in the Shin-Bijutsukai and are free to print.

Don’t forget to check out all the other vintage botanical illustrations featured on the blog that are also in the Public Domain and free to print.

This collection includes other individual flower species, such as;

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Jan Kinman

Friday 2nd of June 2023

Claire, thank you, thank you! These botanicals are beautiful! And your fabric Chrysanthemums are on my to make list for sure! I really appreciate you making these available for free. You always inspire me & get my creative juices flowing. Have great weekend!


Saturday 3rd of June 2023

Thank you so much, I just love hunting out old botanical images and sharing them. Hope you have a lovely weekend too.