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25+ Mesmerizing Cherry Blossom Artworks: Botanical Drawings & Illustrations

Celebrate the ethereal charm of cherry blossoms through vintage botanical art. Discover these Public Domain treasures and bring a touch of spring to any space.

Cherry blossom season is a significant tourist draw for cities with parks renowned for growing ornamental cherry trees. They attract millions of visitors every spring to admire the arrival of the beautiful pink blossoms. Luckily, I don’t have to travel far, as my street is lined with Cherry blossom trees. I need to walk out the front door.

The cherry blossom drawings presented here are a mixture of botanical illustrations, vintage art and even illustrations on packaging.

They are a great source of reference for those wanting to draw and paint cherry blossoms or for crafting and are great prints to hang on the wall. If you want to have a go at drawing these flowers, check out my easy cherry blossom drawing tutorials.

free cherry blossom drawings

Facts about Cherry Blossom

  • Cherry blossom is probably most famously associated with Japan, where it is the national flower
  • The Japanese call cherry blossom “Sakura”
  • However, Cherry blossom trees grow all over the world from Australia to Brazil and France to the US.
  • Cherry blossoms ornamental cultivars were introduced into Europe in the late 19th Century by an Englishman Collingwood Ingram
  • Japan sent Cherry blossom trees to the US in 1912.
  • Every spring the Japanese weather forecasts on the nightly news follows the sakura zensen (Cherry blossom front), as it moves Northwards across the country.
  • The Japanese have a tradition of picnicking under the blossom, known as Hanami.
  • The cherry blossom season lasts for about a month but each individual tree only tends to flower for about a week.
  • There are hundreds of varieties of cherry blossom, it is a flower for the many trees of the genus Prunus.
  • Cherry blossom and the leave from the tree are edible. They are used in recipes ranging from mochi cakes, flavoured Kit Kats to tea and cocktails.

How To Download The Cherry Blossom Drawings and Illustrations

Click on the title above the image to download and print the Cherry blossom drawing you want. A higher-resolution picture will open in a new window in your browser. If you right-click on that image with your mouse, you can print or save the image to your device.

1. Weeping Blossom Cherry Tree

Prunus Pendula is an ornamental weeping Cherry tree that has been cultivated in Japan for centuries, in spring the branches of the trees are covered in pink or white single or double blossoms that can almost touch the ground.

A Cherry blossom pencil drawing with watercolor paints by the Japanese naturalist artist Kawahara Keiga. Painted sometime between 1823-29. This is from the collection at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, Netherlands.

2. Blossom of an ornamental cherry – Welcome Collection

A painting of an ornamental cherry blossom from the Welcome Collection in London.

  Blossom of an ornamental cherry (Prunus species).

3. Kōno Bairei Woodpecker and drooping Cherry Blossom

A Japanese woodblock print of a woodpecker and drooping cherry blossom by the artist Kono Bairei, 1883. The painting is from his well-known album of paired bird and flower paintings.

Drooping cherry tree and woodpecker

4. Wild Himalayan Cherry

A cherry blossom painting of Prunus Puddum (wild Himalayan Cherry) from the book “Neerland’s Plantentuin“, (1867).

Wild Himalayan cherry

5. Japanese Bush Cherry

A drawing of Prunus japonica more commonly known as the Japanese Bush Cherry. The illustration is from “Edwards’ botanical register, or, Ornamental flower-garden and shrubbery”.

6. Prunus Japonica

Another pencil cherry blossom drawing and watercolor by Kawahara Keiga from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

7. Prunus leveilleana

Kawahara Keiga pencil drawing watercolor, from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

8. Sargent’s Cherry Blossom Drawing

This illustration from Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 1911.

Prunus_sargentii_Sargents Cherry

9. Prunus Subhirtella

Winter flowering cherry blossom drawings in pencil and watercolor on paper by Kawahara Keiga.

10. Winter flowering Cherry

Winter flowering cherry blossom from 2Neerland’s_Plantentuin”, 1867. A wild species of cherry trees native to Japan.

Neerland's_Plantentuin_winter flowering cherry blossom

11. Flowering Cherry Almond Blossom

Vintage flora illustration from the “Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe, Vol15.”

Cherry almond blossom

12. Thirty Six Views of Mt Fuji

The only painted view of Mt Fuji with cherry blossom from Hokusai famous series of paintings of Mt Fuji.

Cherry blossom Mt fuji Hokusai

13. Vintage photomechanical print of Cherry Blossom

A beautiful photomechanical print of Cherry Blossom (1887-1897) by Ogawa Kazumasa. Original from The Rijksmuseum and digitally enhanced by Rawpixel.

Beautiful photomechanical prints of Cherry Blossom

14. Hasui Kawase Woodblock Print

A woodblock print of cherry blossom by Hasui Kawase as of Kiyomizu-dō Temple in Ueno, from the series Twenty Views of Tōkyō.

Kawase_Hasui_temple cherry blossom

15. Hasui Kawase Blossom Painting

Another Hasui Kawase blossom painting ( Atagoyama in Spring), from his Tokyo series.

Atagoyama in Spring_by_Kawase_Hasui

16. Plant-Forms Ornamentally Treated – Cherry Blossom

This 1874 cherry blossom illustration by Carter, Grace for L. Prang & Co reminds me of the Art Nouveau Flower prints on Pictureboxblue.

From the collection at the Boston Library.


17. Come To Tokyo Travel Poster

A 1930s travel poster with some Cherry blossom illustration. There are more free vintage Japanese travel posters here.

Tokyo travel poster

18. Cherry Blossom Yokohama Nursery

This is a cherry blossom painting from the Yokohama Nursery Garden Catalogue. There are a couple more blossom paintings in the catalogue collection, which you can explore.

Three varieties of cherry blossom garden catalogue paintings

Cherry Blossom Labels on Raw Silk

The following cherry blossom drawings are from vintage labels of Japanese raw silk.


The original labels were quite small so these images will be small too.

19. Raw Silk Label 1

Raw silk label 1

20. Raw Silk Label 2

raw silk label 2

21. Raw Silk Label 3

22. Raw Silk Label 4

23. Raw Silk Label 5

Raw silk cherry blossom label 5

24. Raw Silk Label 6

I love the reindeer illustration among the cherry blossom on this vintage label.

Raw silk cherry blossom label 6

25. Raw Silk Label 7

26. Raw Silk Label 8

I like the addition of the dragonfly on this vintage label with cherry blossom.

A collection of cherry blossom drawings illustrations and art all in the public domain and free to print. Visit the site to see all these beautiful cherry blossom prints.

27. Raw Silk Label 9

Raw silk cherry blossom label 9

Another flower that is very important in Japanese culture is the chrysanthemum.

Other Botanical Collections

If you are looking for more labels there are some vintage cheese labels on Pictureboxblue.

For more cherry blossom drawings and graphics, check out the Japanese Art Prints from the Shin-Bijutsukai, traditional Japanese patterns and these Watanabe Seitei Japanese prints.

There are many more vintage flower illustrations on Pictureboxblue in the botanicals section. Which include specific flowers such as roses, hibiscus, peony paintings, Japanese Iris paintings and lily drawings.

If you love cherry blossoms as much as I do, you may want to check out the blossom crafts featured in this home decor paper round-up or make one of these cherry blossom clay dishes.

Christine Beers

Wednesday 24th of January 2024

Thank you a million times for always being so generous with the gorgeous artwork as well as your research and the time you spend organizing and adding it to your blog. You are an angel!


Wednesday 24th of January 2024

Thank you so much; it's lovely to hear that others enjoy the images, too.


Sunday 8th of May 2022

Love the Raw Silk Labels.I felt lucky to have found them buried in this curation. Thank you Pillar!


Monday 9th of May 2022

You are welcome, glad you enjoyed them.