An Amazing Collection Of Free Vintage Flower Illustrations

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Beautiful Vintage Floral Art

This is a collection of beautiful copyright-free vintage flower illustrations and drawings.

Naturalists have been painting beautiful Botanical floral illustration since the time of the Greeks. Being a Botanical illustrator was a respected profession in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Many of these wonderful flower illustrations are still have relevance and importance with today’s botanists.

A lot of these vintage flower drawings were like works of art in themselves. Here is a collection of the best flower prints on Pictureboxblue. From individual flowers such as roses, sunflowers, peonies and tulips to seed packets and artistic floral still lifes by the Dutch Masters.

All the flowers prints are in the public domain so you are free to download and print them out and use them however you want. Whether it is to frame and great a beautiful gallery wall in your home or to use the flower illustrations in your craft and DIYs.

I have a friend who is a professional floral textile designer and she uses vintage flower illustrations for reference and inspiration with her new paintings. Or perhaps you are like me and just like looking at beautiful drawings and pictures.

vintage flower illustrations

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All the floral prints, drawings and illustrations have been featured on Pictureboxblue. I have just curated them in one convenient location. This list will grow as more vintage floral art is published on the site.

I suggest you pin or bookmark the page and revisit at a later date to see what is new.

A wonderful collection of vintage rose paintings. Including some from one of the most famous Botanical artists of the 19th Century, Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

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One of my favourite flowers and one that features regularly in oriental designs the peony. In China the peony is known as the king of flowers.

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Every time I say the word tulip I immediately think of Amsterdam and Holland. The two are just so intricately linked. They come in loads of colours and some are even variegated.

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There is nothing more impressive than a field of sunflowers. I spent a weekend driving across the French countryside and every time I came across a field of sunflowers it really made me smile.

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These wonderful floral charts by the famous French naturalist Adlophe Millot are full of fabulous vintage flower illustrations. The charts are separated into annuals and biannual, perennial and tree and shrub flowers.

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A dark and moody collection of beautiful still life flower paintings by the 17th Century Dutch Masters.

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A stunning collection of art nouveau style vintage flower illustrations by Maurice Pillard Verneuil. Many of these art nouveau illustrations have been turned into decorative wall paper and prints.

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A wonderful collection of vintage floral illustrations from old flower seed packets.

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A wonderful collection of vintage poppies illustrations. From the common poppy to the scarlet and oriental poppy.

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A collection of assorted vintage flower pictures.

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  1. Wow, these are gorgeous! You always share such wonderful printables. I’ve featured these today at Thursday Favorite Things and pinned it. Thanks for sharing!

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