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Discover the Beauty of 1930s Japan through Authentic Travel Posters

Explore the charm of 1930s Japan with these beautiful travel posters by Japanese Government Railways, available for free download in the public domain.

Welcome to our exclusive collection of vintage Japanese travel posters from the 1930s. These captivating artworks were produced by the Japanese Government Railways to promote tourism and showcase Japan’s breathtaking landscapes, cultural landmarks, and vibrant cities.

Each poster is a testament to the artistry and charm of the era, capturing the essence of a time when travel was as much about the journey as it was about the destination. Now, you can explore and download these historical treasures for free, perfect for adding a touch of vintage elegance to your collection or decor. Dive into the beauty of 1930s Japan and let these posters transport you back in time.

vintage Japanese travel posters

A Little Bit About Japan

Japan is the fourth-largest island country in the world and the second-most populous, with a population of about 126 million.

The country lies off the eastern coast of the Asian continent, it’s known as “the land of the rising sun.”

Japan is a highly developed country with one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates and one of the highest life expectancies.

The Japanese passport is considered the world’s number one passport. Holders of a Japanese passport can travel visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 189 countries and territories worldwide.

These vintage Japan travel posters include some of the country’s most popular natural sites and mountains. Natural elements are a common theme in Japanese art, as can be seen with these prints from the Shin-bijutsukai magazine.

With a population of over 38 million,  Greater Tokyo may be the most populous metropolitan area in the world. However, almost 75% of Japan is either forest or mountains, making it difficult to farm and industrialize.

Not only is the terrain difficult to colonize the country sits along the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. This is why Japan has many volcanoes and experiences many earthquakes.

The Vintage Travel Posters Of Japan

The following Japanese travel posters are from the 1930s. They were made by the Japanese Government Railways. You might want to check out these vintage maps of Japan.

To download the poster you want, click on the title above. A larger image will open in a new tab; you can then print and save that image.

1. 1930’s Japan Travel Poster – Yamanashi

The first Japanese travel poster illustrates the natural scenery of the Yamanashi area of Japan. The area is a popular tourist destination due to the prefecture’s proximity to Tokyo and great rail connections.

The favourite tourist spots to visit are  Mount Fuji, the Fuji Five Lakes region, the highland resort region of Kiyosato, the city of Kōfu, the Senga FallsKoshuwinerie.

Vintage Travel Posters

2. Travel Poster – Autumn in Nagoya

This next vintage Japanese travel poster illustrates autumn in Nagoya. The famous Nagoya Castle is the building in the picture.

Built in 1612, Nagoya Castle is one of Japan’s most well-known castles and is considered a national treasure.

Japan Travel Poster Nagoya Castle

3. Japanese Travel Poster – Tenryu River boat tour

The Tenryū River Valley is within the Tenryū-Okumikawa Quasi-National Park with the Tenryū-kyō gorges. It is a popular tourist destination as it has been classed as a national place of scenic beauty in Japan.

Japan Travel Poster Tenryu River boat tour

4. Travel Poster – Obama, Fukui Japan

This next Japanese travel poster is of Obama in Fukui.

Japanese tourist posters

5. Japan Tourist Poster – Yunoyama Onsen

Another vintage travel poster in this collection features an autumnal scene of red leaves. This one is of the Yunoyama Onsen, famed for its hot springs.

1930s_Japan_Travel_Poste Yunoyama Onsen

6. Vintage Travel Poster of Yōrō Falls Japan

This next poster is a summer scene at the Yōrō Falls.

 Yōrō falls Japan

7. Vintage Japan Tourist Poster – Hakusan

Another lovely old tourist print of Japan. This one is of Mount Hakusan (white mountain), a dormant volcano. Along with Mount Tate and Mount Fuji, it is one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains“.

1930s_Japan_Travel_Poster Hakusan

8. Mount Kirishima – Japan

This beautiful Japanese travel print is of Mount Kirishima which is an active volcano.

Japanese Tourist poster 1930s

9. Vintage Japanese Travel Posters – Mount Tate

Mount Tate along with Mount Fuji and Mount Hakusan, is one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains.” On clear days, climbers can see Shōmyō Falls (the tallest waterfall in Japan) across the valley.

vintage japanese travel posters

Which one is your favourite? Mine is number 7 on Mount Hakusan. I love the colours and the Japanese calligraphy in the poster.

There is another Japanese travel poster print with this Cherry Blossom drawing collection.

If you like Japanese art prints, then check out the two collections I have on Picturebox blue from old art magazines. The first is from the Shin-Bijutsukai and the second Watanabe Seitei prints from the Bijutsu Sekai.

vintage japanese travel posters

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