9 Wonderful Free Antique World Maps To Download

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Printable Free Antique World Maps For You To Download

There is nothing like looking antique world maps to spark the imagination of those with wanderlust. It amazes me how the shape of an antique world map from the 1600’s is not vastly different from the modern world map. Just shows what an amazing job the cartographers from the past did with minimal technology.
Not only where these antique world maps very similar to the ones of today they were beautifully illustrated. Many of these cartographers were fabulous artists too.
As some of these antique world maps are beautifully illustrated, I think they would look fabulous as wall art. Lauren of Bless’er House has a great tutorial on how to display oversized vintage maps.
FREE antique world maps
The PDF downloaded maps will be of a higher resolution then the images below.
To download the maps just click on the Map title link and a PDF of the map will automatically download to your device.

  1. Antique World Map From 1635 – Williem Bleau

    This ancient world map was painted in 1635 by the Williem Bleau. Blaeu’s is very highly thought of by map historians and some of his maps were featured in the works of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer of Delft.
    There is alot more going on than just countries and continents in this very old world map painting. I love all the fabulous illustrations around the edge of this map, including some of the ancient wonders of the world such as the pyramids and the Colossus of Rhodes. All the elements of fire, water, air and earth are also represented.



  3. Antique World Map from 1689 – Gerard van Schagen

    Another gorgeous illustrated antique world map from a Dutch cartographer.

    Anitque world maps - 1689

  5. Star Projection World Map – 1880

    This is a very simple old world map but projected in a very unusual star shape. I’ve not seen a world map presented like this before and love this perspective byt the German cartographer Hermann Berghaus.


  7. Daily Mail Worl Map of War & Commerece

    This map printed by the Daily Mail in 1917 is so much more than just an old world map. It shows the econimical and political standing of the British and other major Empire’s at the breakout of World War I. This is also a very large map perfect for a huge wall display.


  9. Antique World Map – 1570 (From the First Modern Atlas)

    This ancient world map is by the Dutch cartographer Abraham Ortelius, and was published in the first modern atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World).

    Antique world map 1570

  11. Rand McNally & Co.’s new twelve inch terrestrial globe 1887

    Cut out this fabulously detailed antique world map and make your own antique globe. This would be a fun craft to do with the kids.


  13. Rand McNally & Co Map of The World 1887

    Another fabulous vintage world map from the famous Chigaco publishers Rand McNally and Co.
    Rand_McNally_&_Co's_Map of the World 1887

  14. Cantino Panisphere 1502

    The Cantino planisphere, is one of the most precious cartographic documents of all times. It depicts the world, as it became known to the Europeans after the great exploration voyages at the end of the fifteenth and beginning of the sixteenth century to the Americas, Africa and India. It was completed by a Portuguese cartographer in 1502.


  16. Antique World Map from the Portolan Atlas by Battista Agnese (1544)

    This is a gorgeous world map with beautifully illustrated cherubs on clouds illustrating the major winds around the world. Battista Agnese (c. 1500 – 1564) was a cartographer from the Republic of Genoa, who worked in the Venetian Republic.

World Map with winds Battista Agnese 1554
I hope you have enjoyed these antique World Maps. If you think you are quite knowledgeable about the countries of the world you might want to try out this fun world map quiz on Playbuzz.
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FREE antique world maps

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  1. Thanks. Maps are so lovely. I like to compare the changes that take place with all the new countries that appear and the old ones that get taken over. It’s neat to see.

  2. These are great! I searched high and low a few years ago for a printable map for a project I made. So glad to see so many choices all in one place. Thank you!

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