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12 Free Old Paris Maps: Uncover the Timeless Beauty of Paris

Dive into the rich history of Paris with our free collection of vintage maps. These maps are a valuable resource and a joy to explore, ideal for educators, researchers, and anyone interested in the city’s past.

Paris is associated with romance and love. As Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I would assemble a collection of old maps of Paris.

Paris is one of my favourite European cities, and I think it’s amazing how it only takes just over two hours to get to the heart of Paris from the heart of London by train. I fancy one day travelling to Paris by train for lunch, just for fun. I should imagine that a day trip to Paris is popular on Valentine’s Day!

These beautiful maps can be used in so many ways. They would look fabulous decoupaged onto furniture like with these personalised map chairs. If you would prefer your maps hung on the wall, there are some fabulous ideas for DIY frames.

Copyright Free Vintage Maps Of Paris

To download the old maps of Paris, click on the Map title link. A higher-resolution map will open in a new tab; you can save or print this image. All the maps are in the Public Domain, so they can be used commercially.

collage of old antique vintage maps of Paris pin

Old Paris Maps 1-6

1. Le Plan De Mérain 1615

This is a gorgeous “vu d’oiseau” (bird’ s-eye view) of Paris from 1615. I love that the buildings are 3D, and you can identify them easily on the map. The colours are gorgeous, too. However, because it’s so old, some major Parisian landmarks are missing, like the Eiffel Tower, which has yet to be built.

Another lovely birds-eye view of Paris is in the vintage hot air balloon art collection.

Check out these birds-eye maps of San Fransico.

Gorgeous vintage maps of Paris to download including this Plan De Merain from 1615.

2. Old Map of Paris During The Revolution 1790-1795

Even though this is a map of Paris during the French Revolution (1790-1795), it doesn’t look like it. That is because the map was printed in 1912, which explains why some fonts don’t match the era.

3. Fortifications Map of Paris 1841

A vintage map of the fortifications of Paris, showing the troops’ barracks. Printed in 1841.

Old maps of Paris, fortifications map 1841

4. 1850 Old Map of Paris Showing Landmarks

This vintage map of Paris not only shows all the streets but the map’s border is illustrated with all the major Paris landmarks. These illustrations include the Hotel De Ville, the Arc De Triomphe, Pont Neuf, and the Louvre.

1850 Old Map of Paris Showing Landmarks

5. Colourful Map of Paris Showing the 20 Districts 1878

This is a lovely antique map of Paris. Each of the 20 districts is highlighted in a different colour. The map would look fabulous hung on any wall as a decoration.

An antique map of Paris showing the 20 districts in colour. 1878

6. Tourist Map of Paris & Monuments 1925

A delightful tourist pocket map of Paris. The map is unique as the city’s major monuments are illustrated in 3d within the map.

Tourist Map of Paris & Monuments 1925

Old Paris Maps 7-12

7. Transport Map of Paris 1921

A transport map of Paris showing the tramway and train lines in 1921.

Old maps of Paris 1921 Transport links

8. Old Maps of Paris Monuments 1926

Another map of Parisian monuments from 1926. The map focuses on the old walled city of Paris and the immediate area.

Monumental buildings, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre-Coeur, and the Pantheon, are shown in profile on this tourist map. It also shows the Parisian train and Metro lines.

Old Maps of Paris Monuments 1926

9. Map of The Palace of Versailles and Parks

This is another pocket tourist map of Paris from 1926. The map focuses on the Palace of Versailles and the surrounding area.

Map of The Palace of Versailles and Parks

Map 10: Pictorial Map of Paris

This is a fun pictorial map of Paris by Arthur Zaidenberg, 1930.

You’ll find more wonderful vintage pictorial maps here.

Pictorial Map of Paris

Map 11: Paris and its Surroundings

This stunning map of Paris was crafted by Robelin in Montrouge and vividly lithographed in colour. This tourist map is adorned with numerous vignettes depicting iconic landmarks of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame. It extends beyond the city limits and the Thiers wall to illustrate neighbouring towns, represented by vignettes. Additionally, the map details the Metropolitan network. Although undated, including specific lines and stations, it can be accurately dated to 1911.

1911 Map of Paris and its surroundings

Map 12: 1882 Bus Map of Paris

1882 bus map of paris

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