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26 Free Vintage Bicycle Posters: Iconic Art and Adverts

Discover a curated collection of vintage bicycle posters and adverts. These are perfect wall art for cycling enthusiasts and collectors.

We’ve got a fantastic collection of free vintage cycle prints and illustrations, these pieces are more than just old adverts; they capture the spirit and elegance of a bygone era. They are all in the Public Domain and free to use how you wish.

Why Choose Vintage Bicycle Posters?

Vintage bicycle posters aren’t just decorations; they tell a story of a life-long passion for cycling. These posters, especially the ones in the beautiful Art Nouveau style, are vibrant and dynamic, making them ideal for any room. They showcase the golden age of bicycles, celebrating both the artistry and innovation of the time.

Our collection features some of the best vintage bicycle posters. From elegant ladies and gentlemen riding their bikes to detailed illustrations of the bikes themselves, these adverts were created by renowned bicycle manufacturers to showcase their latest models. They’re colourful, eye-catching, and full of charm.

Art Nouveau Style

Many of our posters are in the Art Nouveau style, known for its ornate and flowing designs. These posters are perfect for adding a bit of vintage charm and elegance to your home. They complement our site’s many other Art Nouveau prints, including Alphonso Mucha’s adverts.

collection of art nouveau vintage cycling and bicycle posters pin

How to Download the Vintage Posters

To download the cycling art masterpiece of your choice, click on the title above the image. A higher-resolution illustration will open in a new tab. You can then print or save that image.

Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or just love vintage art, our collection has something for you. These vintage bicycle posters are more than wall art, they celebrate the joy and freedom cycling brings.

Art Nouveau Bicycle Posters Posters 1-8

Cycling Poster 1: Family Cycling by Philippe Chapellier

Philippe Chapellier was a French artist active during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known for his vibrant advertising posters, particularly those related to bicycles and automobiles. His works are celebrated for their dynamic compositions and vivid Art Nouveau style.

Vintage art nouveau bicycle poster of a man and woman on a bicycle carrying a baby

Cycle Poster 2: Viets & Van Leeuwen

A poster designed by Pieter van Looij (Netherlands) around 1900 showcases a caricature of an old man being held on a bicycle by two younger women, with various onlookers in the background. This poster reflects the playful and engaging advertising style of the time​.

Caricatured representation of an old man being held on a bicycle by two younger girls. In the background, a police officer, a portly older man with a beard and top hat, an errand boy, a soldier and a postman are looking on, laughing. Color lithograph, signed.

Poster 3: Comlubia Penny Farthing Bicycle Advertisement

The Penny Farthing, with its giant front wheel and tiny rear wheel, became a symbol of Victorian innovation and adventure in the 1870s and 1880s. This unique design allowed for impressive speed, as the large front wheel covered more ground with each pedal stroke. However, the high centre of gravity made riding quite precarious, requiring skill and bravery to mount and dismount.

Despite its challenges, the Penny Farthing was a significant milestone in bicycle evolution, paving the way for safer and more practical designs. Its bold silhouette remains an enduring icon of early cycling history.

Poster 4: Cicli Empress- Italian Bicycle

Giuseppe Boano (1872-1938) was an Italian artist from Turin known as a painter, engraver, and poster artist. Active during the Art Nouveau period, he created vibrant advertising posters for various brands, including “Cycles Continental” and “Cicli Empress.”

Poster 5: Deessee Bicycle

Déesse bicycles were produced by the Rudge Cycle Company, which introduced the brand to the French market. These bicycles gained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The name “Déesse,” meaning “goddess” in French, reflects the elegant and high-quality design associated with the brand.

Poster 6: Clement Bicycle’s Paris

Like the previous one, this poster was designed by Jean de Paleologue.

Jean de Paleologue, also known as PAL, was a Romanian-born artist renowned for his Art Nouveau posters in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born in Bucharest in 1855, he worked extensively in Paris, creating iconic advertising art for bicycles, cabarets, and various products.

His vibrant and elegant designs often featured flowing lines and mythical themes, contributing significantly to the visual culture of the Belle Époque era.

Poster 7: Peugeot Cycles

In 1882, Peugeot launched its first bicycle, heralding the start of a significant era in its history. By the early 20th century, Peugeot had established itself as a prominent name in the cycling world, sponsoring racers and securing numerous victories in prestigious events such as the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix.​

Tour de France entrant with a Peugeot cycle and a man in French military uniform

Poster 8: The Cyclette

On the road to happiness! The Cyclette.

This and the previous poster were by the French caricaturist and poster artist Jean-Marie-Michel Liébaux.

Art Nouveau Cycle Ads 9-16

Poster 9: Frederick Adjustable Handle Bars

Poster 10: Decauville Brand Bicycles

Advert for Decauville cycles.

Poster 11: Peugeot Cycles

French poster for Peugeot Cycles by Vulliemin, Ernest (1862-1900).

Solider on horse and man with Peugeot bicycle art nouveau bike advertisement poster

Ad Poster 12: Winter Velodrome

A poster for the Winter Velodrome at the Palace of Liberal Arts, sponsored by Dunlop tyres.

girl in Santa suit riding a bicycle Art Nouveau cycle advert

Poster 13: Paris Exhibition Poster

This vintage poster, created by French artist Raymond Tournon (1870-1919), was designed for the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris, where it won a silver medal. The poster promotes “Pièces détachées et Cycles Brillant,” showcasing bicycle parts and cycles.

Here, you’ll find some wonderful old maps of Paris.

women with bicycle with scenic view of Paris in the background 1900 poster

Poster 14: Edmond Jacquelin

Edmond Jacquelin (1875-1928) was a prominent French track cyclist renowned for his sprinting prowess at the turn of the 20th century. Born in Santenay, Jacquelin emerged as a leading figure in cycling, winning multiple prestigious titles.

He became the World Sprint Champion in 1900 and secured French sprint championship titles in 1896, 1900, and 1902. Additionally, he won the Grand Prix de Paris in 1900.

Edmond Jacquelin on his bike Art Nouveau poster

Poster 15: The Ring Of Achilles

the ring of achilles centurion on a bike

Poster 16: Ulitmate Cyclist Poster

If you like this poster, then out the amazing collection of free vintage circus posters.

circus poster for a unicyclist showing several images of man on a unicycle

Other Vintage Cycle Advertisements

Poster 17: Touring Club Magazine Cover

The Touring Club Italiano (TCI), founded in 1894 as the Touring Club Ciclistico Italiano, began as a bicyclist organization led by Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli. By 1899, it had 16,000 members and expanded to promote all forms of tourism, including auto tourism.

Advert 18: Pope Columbia Bike

Advert 19: Osmond Cycles

the osmand cycle black and white advertisement with picture of bike

Cycle Print 20: The Bicycle Race

1895 Lithograph from the Library of Congress

Lithograph of a bicycle race scene with stadium crowds 1895

Cycle Advert 21: Dandy & Hustler

black and white picture of 2 bicycles from Progress Manufacturing advertisement 1894

Poster 22: Russian Cycle Race

graphic poster of man on bike advertising a Russian bike race

Cycling Ad 23: Bicyclettes Hirondelle

The Bicyclettes Hirondelle have all their parts rigorously interchangeable and manufactured with the highest precision by the Manufacture Française d’armes of Saint-Etienne.

vintage bike advert showing a bicyclette Hirondelle

Poster 24: Tour De France Winner

For the first time the winner of the Tour de France wins the world championship. Georges Speicher, world champion on Alcyon, Dunlop tires

Tour De France winners poster 1933 illustration of winner on bike

Poster 25: Cycles Olympique

man on racing bike with olympic rings vintage cycling poster

Poster 26: Portier & Mericant Brothers

French lady in a red dress riding a bicycle vintage poster illustraiton

Conclusion and Other Related Posts

In conclusion, the collection of vintage bicycle posters and adverts offers a fascinating glimpse into the artistry and innovation of early cycling history. These beautifully designed posters not only served as effective marketing tools but also captured the spirit and elegance of the era.

From the intricate Art Nouveau designs to the vibrant promotional art, each piece tells a unique story of the golden age of bicycles. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast, an art lover, or a history buff, these vintage posters provide a timeless appeal that continues to inspire and captivate.

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