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Vintage Free Natural History School Emile Deyrolle Posters

These are a collection of fabulous late 19th century French natural history educational Deyrolle Posters.

I love the old-school educational charts that used to hang on the walls in classrooms.  I’ve already shared the stunning educational geography posters of Yaggy.  Here, I’ve curated some of the amazing natural history poster boards of Emile Deyrolle.

Maison Deyrolle

I will hop on a train to Paris when many of the current quarantine restrictions have been lifted.   My first visit will be to the Maison Deyrolle.

Maison Deyrolle is a specialized taxidermy shop and natural history museum founded in 1831 by Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle.  The shop is at 46, Rue du Bacand, Paris.

The shop specializes in natural history publications and specimens. Including, taxidermy, minerals, rocks, fossils, botanical specimens, and many other natural history specimens. 

The main aim of the Maison has been to educate French schoolchildren in Natural history, but it has also been a place of interest for many artists.

Artistic visitors have included the surrealists André Breton and Salvador Dalí, the painters Jean Dubuffet and Mathieu. Recent collaborations have included Damien Hirst.

The Classroom Prints

Emile Deyrolle, Jean-Baptiste’s grandson designed the Deyrolle posters.  Emile took over the family business and expanded it from a taxidermy shop to include educational equipment and charts.

 One of his most successful additions was a publication of wall charts “Deyrolle School Museum” intend to educate French school children of all ages on natural history.

The French State became Maison’s main client. Deyrolle was the leading supplier of public educational information and teaching classroom boards.  Many were translated and used in schools in other countries such as Spain and Portugal

Emile Deyrolle said: ” Education through the eyes is the one which tires the intelligence the least, but this education can only have good results if the ideas which are engraved in the mind of the child are rigorous. accuracy. “

The Free Deyrolle Posters

This is quite an eclectic collection of educational natural history posters, from birds to the human anatomy, skeletons and botany diagrams. I’ve divided the posters into two groupings, zoological and biological.

These images were from scanned original classroom posters. That is why the quality of the prints varies, on some, creases tears, and stains are visible. Personally, for me, these just add to the character of the posters and reflect their age.

All of these Deyrolle prints are in the Public Domain so you are free to download and use them.

Just click on the title above the poster you would like. A higher resolution image will open as a new tab in your browser. This image can then be printed or saved to your hard drive by clicking the right button on your mouse.



1. Oiseaux (Birds)

This educational Deyrolle Poster is of birds. More specifically, examples of waders, palmipeds, and poultry. It includes detailed close-up illustrations of their different feet.

Just in case you didn’t know (I didn’t), palmiped means webbed foot!

You can find many more natural history bird illustrations here on Pictureboxblue.

Oiseaux_Deyrolle Poster

2. Oiseaux 2

A second poster grouping of birds, this includes sparrows (passereaux) and finches. Also, Tenuirostres which are mostly passerine birds (as hummingbirds, sunbirds, honeyeaters, nuthatches) having slender bills.

Syndactyles refers to birds with a specific type of feet, where certain toes are fused and includes Kingfishers.

Oiseaux 2 birds

3. Primates

This poster contains nine primates. Primates are mammals that typically have large highly developed brains, forward-facing color vision, flexible hands and feet with opposable thumbs, and fingernails.

As well as humans, this group of mammals includes monkeys, apes, lemurs, bushbabies and lorises.

primates school poster

4. Deyrolle Poster of the Human Nervous System

In biology, the nervous system is a highly complex part of an animal that coordinates its actions and sensory information by transmitting signals to and from different parts of its body.

The nervous system detects environmental changes that impact the body, then works in tandem with the endocrine system to respond to such events.

Human Nervous system poster Deyrolle

5. Deyrolle Poster of the Digestive System

This Deyrolle poster illustrates the human digestive system from the mouth and teeth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, right through to the rectum. 

digestive system

6. Three types of skulls

This educational poster illustrates 3 different types of mammalian skulls, those of carnivores, rodents and herbivores.

Don’t forget to check out the vintage human skull drawings.

mammal skulls poster

7. Extinct Mammal Skelton

This poster is of a skeleton of a palaeotherium minus, an extinct horse like European herbivore.

fossil skelton

8. Bat Skeleton

There are more vintage bat illustrations on Pictureboxblue.

bat skelton

9. Radiated Animals

Radiated animals are also called zoophytes. A zoophyte is an animal that visually resembles a plant. An example is a sea anemone. The term is no longer used in zoology.

For more wonderful illustrations of radiated animals, you should check out the nature artform posters of Ernst Haeckel.

Raidiate animals

10. Anatomy of Bee

An educational poster illustrating the rough anatomy of the bee.

You will find more insect illustrations with the Adolphe Millot natural history collection of posters.

Anatomy of a bee

For more zoological posters check out the animal posters of Larousse dictionaries.

Botany Deyrolle Posters


11. La Pomme De Terre

Vintage classroom poster showing the anatomy of the potato. Pomme De Terre literally translates as “apple of the earth.”

Potatoes are the fourth most important crop in the world and the most important non cereal crop.

Deyrolle potato pster

12. Rubiaceae (Coffee)

Deyrolle’s anatomy poster of another popular crop, coffee.

coffee plant anatomy

13. Deyrolle Poster – Seed Germination

Germination refers to the growth of a plant contained within a seed; it results in the formation of the seedling.

seed germination

14. Le Pin

Anatomy of a pine tree.

pine trees

15. Seaweed

Illustrations of different types of seaweed.

seaweed Deyrolle

16. Anatomy of the Strawberry

Classroom poster showing the anatomy of the strawberry plant. There are some wonderful strawberry watercolors in the Pomological fruit collection on Pictureboxblue.


17. The Big Daisy

big daisy

18. The Poppy

There is also a poppy collection on the blog.


19. Ranunculus flowers


20. Perineal Herbs

A Deyrolle posters showing the botany of perineal herbs.

Deyrolle_perenial herbs

Other Related Collection

For more botany posters, check out the botanical posters of Adolphe Millot.

Check out John Emslies “Illustrations of Natural Philosophy” for amazing Victorian vintage science posters.

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Jennifer Dynys

Tuesday 10th of November 2020

So interesting and beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at Embracing Home and Family!


Saturday 14th of November 2020

Thank you so much, I glad you enjoyed them.