9 Free Antique Scandinavian Christmas Cards To Print

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The Vintage Scandinavian Christmas Cards of Jenny Nystrom

Jenny Nystrom was a Swedish artist born in 1854. She was known as the woman who created the Scandinavian image of Christmas, with her numerous Scandinavian Christmas cards and magazine covers. She gave Sweden the festive image of, Christmas gifts and the Christmas tree.
Jenny linked the Swedish version of Santa Claus to the gnomes of Scandinavian folklore. Many of her Christmas paintings, featured the Scandinavian gnomes and Santa Claus in his original green coat. Children also featured heavily as a subject of her beautiful and fun Christmas painted scenes.
These antique Christmas cards also reflect the wintery scenes of Scandinavia with lots of deep snow!
Free Printable Antique Scandinavian Christmas Cards
To download the antique Scandinavian Christmas cards just click on the highlighted title and a pdf will download to your computer immediately.
The PDF downloaded vintage Scandinavian Christmas cards will be of a higher resolution then the images below.
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The Scandinavian Christmas Cards


  1. Danish Christmas Elves 1913

    This antique Christmas card was held at the Norwegian National Library. However, the greeting on the card “Glædelig Jul!” is the Danish for Merry Christmas. The Norwegian is God Jul. So I presume that this was a Christmas card sent from someone in Denmark to someone in Norway. The Christmas elves on the front look very Scandinavian and maybe that’s a basket of “Danish” pastries they are carrying!

    Free antique Christmas cards Scandinavian elves

  3. Danish Boy Carrying Church – 1910

    Another Christmas card with the Danish seasonal greating “Glædelig Jul!”, which translates as Merry Christmas. This time it is of a Danish boy holding a model of a Scandinavian Church.

    Danish Vintage Christmas card 1910

  5. Danish Children With Umbrella Card

    This is a lovely vintage Scandinavian Christmas card by the artist Jenny Nystrom. Painted somewhere in the early 1890’s.

    Scandinavian antique Christmas Card

  7. Children Feeding Birds – 1920

    This is a lovely winter scence, showing two children feeding the birds.

    Vintage Scandinavian Christmas Cards

  9. Santa Feeding A Goat

    Not sure of the date of this Jenny Nystrom card. It shows Santa feeding a goat. Interestingly Santa is wearing a green coat and not red. Santa always used to wear green until the advertising executives of CocaCola gave him a red makeover.

    Jenny Nystrom antique scandinavian Christmas card

  11. Children Dancing Around the Christmas Tree

    What a delightfully happy festive scene. Excited children dancing around the Christmas tree, painted 1896. Note the flags on the Christmas tree, it is a tradition to decorate the tree with flags in Scandinavian countries.

    Dancing around the Christmas tree vintage Christmas card

  13. Children Spying on The Robins

    Another delightful scene of children with birds, this time they are spying on them! Including the Christmas card classic bird the robin. The way the card is painted it looks like a snowglobe.

    Scandinavian vintage Christmas card of children looking at robins

  15. Original Green Santa

    Another Scandinavian vintage Christmas card with painting of Santa showing him in his original green coat. Before the CocaCola update to a a red coat in the 1930’s!

    Jenny_Nyström Green Santa Christmas postcard

  17. Happy New Year Card -1914

    This is a cheeky Christmas card, showing a boy in traditional dress. He’s armed and dangerous ready for a serious snowball fight. It is also a rare Jenny Nystrom card with the greeting written in English. Rather than one of the usual Scandinvain languages on her antique Christmas cards. This card was painted in 1914.

    Antique Scandinavian Christmas Card
    I think these lovely vintage Scandinavian Christmas cards would make a fabulous display at Christmas. You could print and frame them. However, I think they would make a gorgeous festive garland, strung up like bunting. Or you could easily get these images printed onto your own Christmas cards to send to your friends and relatives.
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    Free Printable Antique Scandinavian Christmas Cards


16 thoughts on “9 Free Antique Scandinavian Christmas Cards To Print

  1. HI ! I also found these images on the Nasjonalbiblioteket / National Library of Norway pages . It was nice to read your explanations and the comments .
    I am a bit confused about the languages that Jenny Nystrøm used .” Godt Nytaar” is Norwegian or Danish ?

  2. Hi Claire,

    I’ve enjoyed your vintage cards very much. The little boy on the Happy New Year – 1914, is actually a young Sammi (or Sami) – often referred to as Laplanders. The term “Laplander” is offense to the Sami
    people. As a reindeer raiser in CO I keep my eye out for Sami items, to share when I do farm tours.

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful items! Ethel

    1. Thank you, Ethel. That’s very interesting to know about the Sami. I once watched some Norwegian slow TV which was just 2 Sami walking with their reindeers by torch light through the snow in real time, I was mesmerised.

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