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20 Free Printable Vintage Valentine Cards and Postcards

Welcome to our wonderful world of Valentine’s Day fun! We’ve got an extensive collection of Valentine’s Day cards that you can print out for free. These cards have pretty old-fashioned pictures and hearts on them, and they say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ in a lovely way.

The best part? You can use these cards for anything you like, whether it’s just for fun or even for a project you’re doing for work. We have them ready as individual JPEG files – that means they are pictures you can easily save on your computer and print whenever you want.

Our Valentine’s Day printables come from old postcards and cards that everyone can use. This is because they’re from the public domain, which means they’re free for everyone to use, whether for personal projects or even for selling things you make with them.

You can use these printable cards for craft projects, like making special Valentine’s Day cards, journal cards, junk journals, scrapbook pages, gift tags, or other fun projects. And if you have a favorite design, you can print it out as often as you like!

So, get ready to explore our digital collection of vintage Valentine’s Day cards. Whether you want to create something special for someone or love the old-fashioned look, we’ve got you covered.  Not only is this a wonderful collection of free printables and free images, but there are also some rather cute and corny Valentine’s Day poems.

How To Print the Valentine’s Day Card

These happy Valentine’s Day images aren’t just for personal use but can be used commercially, too, as they are copy-right free.  Click the title above the vintage images you want, and they will open in a new tab.  You can print the digital printable downloads or save them to your hard drive for your vintage holiday crafts.

Vintage Valentine Images 1-5

Valentine Card 1: Angel In Boat

This vintage Valentine card from 1890 shows an angel paddling in a small boat called “Hearts Delight”; the sail has the inscription: “Pray, Sweetheart, send me just a line to say you’ll be my Valentine”.

Vintage Valentine's Day card of cherub in a boat

Valentine Card 2: To My Sweet Valentine

1910’s card from the United States and the collection at Missouri History Museum.

tom my Sweet Valentine card

Valentine Card 3: Be My Valentine

Another Valentine’s Day postcard from the collection at the Missouri History Museum.

Be My Valentine vintage postcard

Valentines Card 4: Red Hearts Valentine

This antique Valentine’s card is from the Metropolitan Museum’s collection.  The actual original card is a mechanical one where the heart opens to reveal Cupid.

Vintage Valentine Card 5: Loves Target

Another printable Valentine image from a mechanical card at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Loves Target Valentines Card

More Happy Valentines Day Images

These are from 1940’s Valentine images with a vintage vibe.

Vintage Valentines Cards 6: Donkey

Donkey Valentines

Valentines Card 7: Cowboy

vintage cowboy valentines

Valentines Card 8: Fishing Valentine

A 1940’s card from Canada “I’m Just fishin’ for my Valentine”.

Fishing Valentines

Valentine’s Card 9: Squirrel

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m a nice squirrel and nuts to you”.

Squirrel Valentine card

Valentines Card 10: Dancing Cats

Dancing Cats Valentine

Vintage Valentine Cards 11-15

Valentine Card 11: Love Hearts

A free printable vintage Valentine’s of seven red hearts. All with “I Love You”, written in seven different languages.

Love Hearts love messages

Valentine Card 12: To My Valentine

A cute retro Valentines card from the collection at the Harvard Library.

Card To My Valentine

Valentine Card 13: Loving Greeting

Loving greeting card

Valentine Card 14: Love Message

The print shows a young girl dressed as a messenger boy carrying Valentine’s cards against a backdrop of wild roses; on verso is a floral landscape scene with the message “A token for my love.”

Love message card

Valentine Card 15: Valentine Greeting

A vintage Valentine’s greeting card from the Welcome collection.

Valentine's greeting card

Vintage Valentine Cards With Poems

The following free printable images also have small ditties or love poems on the front of the card.

Valentine Card 16: Valentine Letter

Card shows a man with a large quill pen and ink well writing on oversized paper 1919.

Valentine Letter

Valentine Card 17: Dancing Couple On Postcard

“To my valentine, if you’ll be my partner I’ll always be true and save the best dances for no one but you”.

Dancing couple on postcard

Valentine Card 18: Dog Bite Postcard

Card shows a little boy in a military uniform holding a leash with a dog that has a valentine in its mouth “Will you be mine?” 1919.

Dog Bite Valentine's

Valentine Card 19: Lemon Vintage Valentine Postcard

“To My Valentine. ‘Tis a lemon that I hand to you and bid you now ‘skidoo,’ Because I love another – there is no chance for you!” 1909.

Vintage Valentine's Postcard lemon

Valentine Card 20: Lock Upon My Heart

“There is a lock upon my Heart and You have the Key.” 1910

Free printable vintage valentine postcard

Other Related Vintage Images

Check out these other free printable Valentine images on the site. Flowers are a popular theme for Valentine’s cards, so don’t forget to check out the vintage flower print collection on the site, especially the botanical rose illustrations and garden catalogue roses.

Another fun Valentine related post is this wonderful collection of Old Love Maps.

Other collections that might be of interest are the antique Scandinavian Christmas cards and Halloween postcards.


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