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Fun Pictorial Maps of Love and Marriage to print for free

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to show the wonderful vintage maps of love and matrimony that I have found.

There is an extensive collection of traditional vintage maps on Pictureboxblue, from maps of the whole world to maps of specific countries and cities. There are even some pictorial maps, such as those of San Francisco Bay.

Maps don’t just have to be of places on earth they can be celestial. Such as the maps of the stars and zodiac signs. Maps can be fun, allegorical and fictitious, like these love maps.

vintage maps of love and matrimony

Fictitious Maps of Love and Matrimony

This collection includes a fictitious map of Loveland created by a greeting card designer from the 1940s, which has a valentine’s feel to it.

The love map is drawn in red, full of hearts, loved up couples and cupids. These are classic symbols of Valentine’s and love.

Other maps of love in this collection include a map of the sea of Matrimony and a map of a woman’s heart.

Click on the title above the pictorial map that you want and a high-resolution map will open in a new window on your browser.

Then if you click on this map the menu option to save it to your device, will pop up.

1. 1943 Map of Loveland

This fictitious map of love was drawn by Ernest Dudley Chase. He was well known for his pictorial maps and drew over fifty of them.

Most of these maps were of actual geographical places. One of which is featured in my collection of maps of Japan. However, this map is of a totally imaginary place, Loveland.

There is actually a city in Ohio called Loveland. This map has nothing to do with that place.

On the map, Loveland is a heart-shaped island, in between the oceans of dreams and the oceans of joy. It is full of pictures and names that merge the sentimentality of greeting cards with the standard features of a map.

The map is full of lovely illustrations and clever labels. I particularly like that it has the same decorative border as many conventional vintage maps. The whole map is dedicated to the theme of love. Even the compass rose was composed of a cluster of hearts pierced by three arrows.

The quote on the map’s legend is, “Loveland, a place where everyone should go; Where Romance thrives, and Friendships dearer grow.”

Pictorial Map of Loveland

2. The Sea of Matrimony

An allegorical map of marriage by Thomas Cleland 1931.

The map emphasized the dangers of marriage, the “Points of Peril for Matrimonial Mariners.

“Only by navigating around and through Uncongenial Temperaments Reefs, the shallows of Uplift Bay, Cape Habit, Selfishness Rocks and Financial Straits might one reach Felicity Harbour and Blessed Isle.

The heads of threatening beasts appear along the shoreline, particularly near the entrance to Financial Straits.

Map The_Sea_of_Matrimony

3. 1906 Map of Sea of Matrimony

A humourous symbolic map of Matrimony, showing the course from Showerville and Honeymoon Island through First Quarrel Reef and Cape Henpeck, to Little Blessings, Comfort Cove and Mt. Joy.

This was a pocket map made by J.I. Austen Co in 1906.

Maps of Love Pocket map of Sea Matrimony

4. Map of Ocean of Love and Matrimony

 Anna Laetitia Barbauld’s brilliant map to accompany her poem “To Mr. Barbauld, with a Map of the Land of Matrimony” (1772).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a large scan of this map. I thought I’d it include it here in this collection though for interest.

A New Map of the Land Matrimony

5. 1730 Allegorical Maps of love by Matthaus Seutter

My French is not very good so I had to put the description that came with this map through Google translate.

This is what came out; “Symbolic and ingenious representation projected in Siege and Bombardment, as it is necessary to carefully prevent the attacks of Love.”

The map symbolizes the battle for the heart. The trials and tribulations of romantic entanglement. It was published by one of Germany’s greatest mapmakers of the 18th century, Matthias Seutter.

The fortress at the center, representing one’s heart, is surrounded by “La Mer Glaceé Sans Passion“, this is, The Ice Sea without Passion. The moat includes several spots along with the “Conseil des fideles amis” (Counsel of faithful friends) and “Attaque de notre foibles” (Attack on our weakness).

Le Palais de l’amour” (The Palace of love) is surrounded by “La Mer D’Inqueitude” (The Sea of Restlessness).

There is a key in the lower part of the image in both German and French. It explains how to defend and conserve your heart against the attacks of love.


6. Map of A Woman’s Heart

This map of love is described as “A Map of the Open Country of Woman’s Heart. Exhibiting its internal communications, and the facilities and dangers to Travellers therein“, by A Lady

Maps of love map of a womans heart

I hope you have enjoyed these fun vintage maps of love and matrimony. There are some vintage happy Valentine’s images here and some printable vintage Valentine’s cards that you might also like to look at.

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Donna @ Modern on Monticello

Thursday 11th of February 2021

This is such an interesting post. I never knew about these love maps. They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty


Saturday 13th of February 2021

Thank you so much they are just a bit of fun for this time of year.


Monday 8th of February 2021

Perfect for Valentine's day, Claire. Thanks for sharing them at Friday with Friends!


Tuesday 9th of February 2021

Thank you so much, they are fun to look at.

Marni Holmes

Saturday 30th of January 2021

These are pretty cool, but I wonder if you should remove number three. In 2021 is it really appropriate to promote the past racist rhetoric? I'm referring to the "Servant Archipelago." Not cute or amusing and nothing that should be associated with a theme of love in any way.


Sunday 31st of January 2021

Thank you, Marni. I didn't notice that and will take another look at the image.

karen snyder

Saturday 30th of January 2021

What a very unique and wonderful collection ! Thank you so much !


Sunday 31st of January 2021

Thank you, so much.