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The Top Ten Vintage Halloween Patent Prints

I thought it would be fun to do a Google patent search and find some spooky vintage Halloween patent prints to share.

I’ve already written about how to do a Google patent search. And I have used it to find patents, such as Christmas patents and summer Scout and camper patents.

This time I had fun doing a Halloween patent search. There are millions of vintage patents in the Google patent database, which can make it hard to find the right patents when looking for a particular theme. However, you can do a keyword search which helps.

I knew that just typing the word “Halloween” into the search bar wouldn’t return many useful results. I had to be a bit more creative and search for words and symbols that one associates with this spooky holiday.

Free vintage Halloween patent art

Halloween Symbols and Words

This is the list of Halloween symbols and words I came up with to search for relevant Halloween patent prints.

  1. Jack-o’-Lantern (carved pumpkins) is one of the most iconic Halloween symbols, especially in the US. It’s associated with the Irish legend of Stingy Jack. A drunk who does a deal with the devil and is doomed to roam the world, with only a carved turnip, to light his way.
  2. Coffins – Halloween is associated with death
  3. Skulls and skeletons – Another Halloween symbol due to their representation of the end of physical life and death. A popular theme for Halloween costumes, especially in the UK. The white bones on a black background look great when trick or treating at night.
  4. Tombstones – Another reminder that Halloween is a celebration of the dead. The belief is that the spirits of the dead roam on All Hallows Eve.
  5. Scythe – Death is also known as the Grim Reaper. He is depicted as wearing a dark hooded cloak with a scythe.
  6. Witches – A silhouette of a witch riding on a broom is another iconic Halloween image. There are lots of witches with these vintage Halloween images.
  7. Black cats – Not only are black cats considered to be the companion of witches, but Druids also believed that evil humans could turn themselves into cats.
  8. Scarecrows – Scarecrows are associated with Halloween for two reasons. Firstly, they are designed to scare. Secondly, they are associated with fall, which is when the Halloween holiday is.
  9. Clowns – Scary clowns are a more modern-day Halloween symbol, made popular by horror films. Clowns are not just friendly people that make us laugh. They are also tricksters with a mischievous, unpredictable spirit, hidden behind the make-up.
  10. Pitchfork – This is associated both as an accessory for the Devil and scarecrow.

There are many other symbols of Halloween, but I couldn’t find related Halloween patents for these. For example, they included creatures such as spiders, owls and bats. However, there is a collection of spooky vintage bat drawings here.

How To Download The Halloween Patent Prints

To keep with the fun Halloween themes, all these vintage patents are printed on an orange background. To print the patent of your choice, click the title above the image. A larger patent image will then open in a new window in your browser.

If you then click on that image you will have the option to save the patent to your device for printing.

1a. Jack-o’-Lantern 1

Halloween Patent for Jack-o'-lantern toy

1b. Jack-o’-Lantern 2

Another patent for a Jack-o’-lantern toy, designed for Halloween.

Jack-o'-Lantern Patent

2. Coffin

Halloween patent coffin

3a. Skull

I think this patent is for an artificial skull, to be attached to an anatomical skeleton for teaching purposes. You can find a collection of vintage human skull drawings here.

There is an illuminated spooky DIY skull decoration, made using one of the vintage skull drawings.

Skull Halloween Patent

3b. Skeleton

An anatomical skeleton for teaching medicine. There are a collection of vintage skeleton illustrations on Pictureboxblue.

Anatomical skeleton

4. Tombstone

There is a delightful image of a skeleton on a tombstone in this collection of free vintage Halloween art.


5. Scythe

The weapon of choice for the Grimm Reaper.

Vintage scythe print

6. Witch

Designs for a candy corn dispensing toy. The witch is obviously the Halloween design.

witch toy patent

7. Black Cats

The Halloween witches’ companion.

cat patent

8. Scarecrows

I know this scarecrow looks more friendly then spooky. I couldn’t find a spooky one.

Scarecrow Halloween Patent art

9. Clowns

Talking of clowns there are some wonderful vintage circus posters on Pictureboxblue.

vintage clowns

10. Pitchforks

The devils’ accessory.

Pitch Fork Patent Art

There are many more vintage patent art print collections on Pictureboxblue.

If you are looking for more Halloween inspiration check out these spooky vintage spider illustrations.