Free Patents For Christmas Inventions Of Tree Ornaments

As a child, I used to love to take things apart to see how they were made.  That is probably why I’m fascinated with patent art.  Google has a great search engine where you can search for original patents.  As it’s coming near to Christmas I thought it would be cool to curate a collection of patents related to Christmas inventions. 

I have just narrowed down these Christmas inventions to those related to ornaments for the Christmas tree. 

The Christmas tree was believed to have originated in 16th century Germany and was initially decorated with roses made of colored paper, apples, wafers, and star-shaped pastries.

The first Christmas trees in the UK were believed to introduced by the German wife of King George III, Queen Charlotte. In 1800 she had a tree set-up at the Queen’s Lodge in Windsor for a children’s party for rich and noble families. Soon having a fir tree at Christmas became popular amongst rich families.    

As well as being decorated with ornaments, the Christmas trees were also illuminated. First by candles and then lights after then invention of electricity.

The variety of ornaments on the Christmas tree have expanded over the centuries too.  The first glass baubles were made in Lauscha Germany in the 16th Century.  Their popularity grew and so did the range of ornaments hung on the trees.

In the 1880s Woolworths started selling the Lauscha glass ornaments throughout the US.   About this time die-cut fibreboard ornaments also become popular too.

These Christmas inventions patents of tree ornaments can be framed as an alternative Christmas decoration.    They would also make an interesting Christmas card. 

Christmas inventions patents

I have provide 2 options for each Christmas invention patent listed, you can either download the original on a white background or with a more festive red background. 

Just click on the title of the patent you want and it should automatically open on your device.  You can then save this image directly to your hard drive, print it or send it to an online professional print shop.

The Ornament Related Christmas Inventions Patents

1.Round Christmas Baulble

Download the white version of this Christmas invention here.

This Christmas invention relates to Christmas tree ornaments and more particularly to an improved cap structure.

The object of this invention is to provide an improved cap and suspension means for a bauble type ornament which will not become loosened by jarring of the tree, as is the case with prior devices.”

Patenet for Christmas Invention bauble

2.Christmas Angel Topper

Download the white version of the Angel topper here.

There wasn’t much description with this Christmas invention, I think the picture supposedly says it all.

People normally fall into 2 camps when it comes to tree toppers, angels or stars. The use of a Christmas angel as a tree-topper represents the angel Gabriel from the Nativity of Jesus.

Christmas Angel ornament

3. Christmas Inventions – Star Tree Topper

Download the white version of this Christmas invention here.

The alternative to an angel on the Christmas tree is a star as a tree topper. The star is supposed to represent the star of Bethlehem.

This Christmas invention is for a star topper made from an alternative material to the normal glass ones.

Christms star tree topper

4. Christmas Star Topper 2

Download the white version of this Christmas Star topper here.

My Christmas invention relates to an ornament, and more particularly to a reflector structure to be used in connection with an incandescent lamp, the unitary structure of ornament and lamp being used in the decoration of a Christmas tree.

patent for Christmas tree star

5. Christmas Tree Ornament Protector

Download the white version of this Christmas patent.

This Christmas invention is not actually for a tree ornament but a protector for the ornaments if they happen to fall from the tree.

This Christmas invention relates to a Christmas tree ornament protector (i.e skirt) which provides an absorbent impact layer for falling ornaments to prevent them from breaking and also serves as a decorative base.

Christmas tree ornament protector

6. Variety of Christmas Tree Ornaments Patent

Download a white version of this Christmas invention patent here

My invention consists in forming a Christmas tree ornament of chenille tinsel and a connected ball, forming a brilliant and attractive article for the purpose intended, as will be hereinafter fully set forth.

christmas tree ornaments patent

7. Christmas Inventions – Icicle Ornament

Download the white version of this Icicle Ornament patent here.

The primary object of the present invention is to provide a novel ornament in the form of an icicle which is designed to have an illuminating element disposed therein.

icicle ornament patent

8. Christmas Invention – Tree Shaped Ornament

Download the white version of this Christmas tree ornament patent here.

I really like the simple design of this ornament. I might even try to make something similar with a green ribbon.

ribbon ornament patent

9. Christmas Scene Ornament

Download the white version of this Christmas scene ornament here.

This looks quite a complex ornament compared to others in this post.

christmas ornament patent
Christmas patents

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