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Unique Free Retro Patent Prints For Scouts and Campers

I have three sons who have all been Scouts at some stage. I was a Beaver Scout leader for eight years; my middle son is currently volunteering as a Scout leader. So I thought collecting a set of vintage Scout and camping patent prints for him would be fun.

These fun retro patent prints would be a fabulous Scout Hut decoration. They would also look great in a mancave or log cabin. I will use these patent prints to cover some notebooks and give them as gifts.

When researching and curating this collection of Scout and camping patents, I tried to cover the essentials for outdoor Scouting and camping. These include shelter in a tent, a pocket knife, a water canteen, a flashlight, and a compass. I’ve also included a few extras that would be handy too.

Did you know that there are Scouting groups in almost every country? Indonesia has the most significant number of Scouts, followed by the US.

Scouts in Libya played an essential role in the liberation of the country. Scouts were the only uniformed organization trusted by the people when the country descended into chaos. They got involved with tasks from administering first aid, cleaning streets and cooking for the rebels.

Patent Prints of Camping and Hiking Stuff

Having been involved in Scouting as a family, I appreciate the good it can do for the individual members and society. Even though camping is a big part of Scouting, I do have a confession I’m not that keen on camping. The rest of my family loves it, so I just “shut up and put up!” I don’t want to be a killjoy.

I hope you enjoy these retro patent prints. They would look good on the wall, but you could print them onto a t-shirt, travel mug or mouse mat. You only need to download the prints to the online photo printers of your choice.

10 Camping and Scout patent prints

The downloaded patent prints will be of a higher resolution. Just click on the print title you want, and it will open in a new window on your browser. If you then click on the image, you can save it to your computer.

The Vintage Patent Prints

1. Tent Patent 1891

No camping or Scout expedition would be complete without a tent. This vintage patent print looks like a classic A-frame tent. This tent resembles the Shelter-Half / Pup tents used in the first world war.

A - Frame tent patent 1891.

2. Knapsack – 1924

What I love about this patent print is that the man carrying the knapsack looks like an old-fashioned Scout. He’s got that Baden Powell Scout hat on his head and is wearing a pair of plus fours! He’s also smoking a pipe; you wouldn’t see that now.

Knap Sack Patent 1924

3. Pocket Knife – 1877

Pocket knives (penknives or jackknives) date back to the iron age. This vintage pocket knife resembles a traditional Scout/Camp knife.
The traditional camper or scout knife has four tools: a large drop point blade, can opener, combination cap lifter/slotted screwdriver, and an awl or punch. Many other combinations of large and small drop point blades, saw, etc. are also considered camper/scout knives.”

Pen Knife Patent 1877

4. Pocket Compass Patent Print

One of the items on the essential lifts for Scouts, hikers and survivalists a compass.

You’ll find more patents for compasses in the excellent collection vintage nautical prints.

Compass Patent 1902

5. Canteen Patent 1894

Canteens are essential for hikers and campers for carrying water. The outer bag both protects the canteen and provides insulation.

Canteen Patent 1894

6. Flashlight Patent Print – 1936

We call them torches in the UK. The invention of the first dry cell battery in 1897 and the tungsten filament lamp in 1904 led to the development of the first flashlights. These days most flashlights use LED bulbs.

Flashlight Patent Print

7. Sleeping Bag Patent Print – 1898

Even though the zip was first revealed at the Chicago world fair in 1893, the modern zipper wasn’t designed until 1913. That is probably why this sleeping bag patent uses buttons rather than a zipper.

Sleeping bag patent

8. Canoe Patent Design

I know that a canoe is not essential camping equipment, but my sons enjoyed many canoe expeditions and camps as Scouts. As canoeing is a big part of Scouting, I decided to include it in this collection of patent prints.

Canoe Patent 1883

9. Hurricane Lamp Patent – 1894

We still use hurricane lamps on our camps, they can be noisy though!

hurricane lamp vintage patent image

10. Interchangeable Woggle

No Scout uniform is complete without the neckerchief and the woggle to keep it in place. This one even has the symbol of Scouting the “fleur de lis.

Woggle patent print
canteen patent illustration

If you liked these patents, don’t forget to check out some of my other patent art posts. I have a wonderful collection of vintage camera patents that would also look great framed.

Seasonal patents include the Halloween patents, and Christmas ornament patents.

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Friday 13th of October 2023

Hello! Are these images available for commercial use?


Saturday 14th of October 2023

Yes they are in the Public Domain


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

What a fun assortment! These take me back to my son's scouting days. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

Thank you 😊

Brian Hilbert

Friday 12th of April 2019

These are great. Thanks for posting.


Saturday 13th of April 2019

Thank you 😊

Audra @ Renewed Projects

Wednesday 10th of April 2019

I wish I had a cabin in the woods to hang these in!


Thursday 11th of April 2019

Me too, or a cottage in the Fjords!