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20 Stunning E.A. Seguy Art Nouveau Insect Prints for Free: A Visual Feast

Inside: Step into the enchanting world of E.A. Seguy’s art nouveau pochoir insect prints, where nature’s delicate creatures come alive in vibrant hues and intricate details.

E. A. Seguy was a French artist and designer who gained widespread recognition for his striking insect pochoir prints. Seguy was born in Limoges, France, in 1877 and began his career as a wallpaper designer.

He quickly developed a reputation for his innovative use of colour and pattern, and his art nouveau designs were highly sought after by the leading textile manufacturers of the day.

About Seguy’s Pochoir Insect Prints

Seguy’s interest in natural history and entomology led him to create insect-themed designs that would become his most famous work.

In his art nouveau insect prints, E.A. Seguy demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the elegance and diversity found in the insect kingdom. He meticulously studied various species, examining their unique characteristics and anatomical features.

With his scientific understanding and artistic skill, Seguy skillfully translated insects’ intricate patterns and textures onto paper, resulting in stunning visual representations that celebrated the beauty of these often-overlooked creatures.

These prints were made using a pochoir technique that involved stencilling and hand colouring. The resulting images were highly detailed, with richly saturated colours and intricate patterns, creating a sense of vibrancy and energy.

Seguy’s art nouveau style insect prints were a departure from the more traditional floral and geometric designs that were popular at the time.

They were highly stylized and abstracted, with a strong emphasis on form and pattern. Seguy drew inspiration from various sources, including Japanese art and the Art Nouveau movement.

Some of E. A. Seguy’s Other Works

One of Seguy’s most famous works is his “Papillons” series, which features a range of butterfly and moth designs. The prints are highly detailed, with intricate wing patterns and delicate antennae. The colours range from bold and vibrant to soft and muted, creating a dynamic and visually striking effect.

Seguy’s other insect pochoir prints include the designs featured here of beetles, dragonflies, and other winged insects. Like his butterfly designs, these prints are highly stylized, with abstracted forms and bold graphic patterns.

Seguy’s insect pochoir prints were highly influential in the design world, and they continue to be celebrated for their beauty and innovation. His work has been featured in various exhibitions and publications, and his prints are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Book Cover

Book cover to E.A. Seguy's insects

How To Download The Art Nouveau Insects Prints

Click on the title above the insect print you want to download. A high-resolution illustration will open in a new window, where you can save or print it. Seguy’s pochoir insect prints are in the Public Domain and thus copyright-free.

The images are from the collection at North Carolina State Library.

Insect Plates 1-8

The illustrations are of actual insects species and each one is labled.

Insect Plate 1 Cicadas

The key to the cicadas on this print is below.

  1. Tacua speciosa. Indes
  2. Polyneura ducalis. Indes Or
  3. Cicada saccata. Australie
  4. Cicada fascialis. Siam
  5. Tozena melanoptera. Indes Or.
Pochoir print of cicadas from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Plate 2: More Cicadas

  1. Goeana festiva. Indes
  2. Zammara tympanum. Amérique du Sud
  3. Goeana ochracea. Indes
  4. Phenax variegata. Brési
  5. Hemisciera maculipennis. Amazone
Pochoir print of cicadas from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insect Plate 3: Long Horn Beetles

  1. Batocera Hector. Java
  2. Callichroma suturalis. Guyane
  3. Steirastoma lacerta. Brésil
  4. Rosalia alpina. Europe;
  5. Batocera Wallacei. Nouvelle Guinée
Pochoir print of long horn beetles from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insect Plate 4: Beetles

Art nouveau insects – beetles.

  1. Sternotomis Imperialis. Guinée
  2. Sternotomis cornutus. Madagascar
  3. Callipogon Lemoinei. Perou
  4. Palimna annulata. Cochinchine
  5. Sternodonta pulchra. Sénégal
Pochoir print of beetles from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insect Plate 5: Wasps

  1. Scolia procer. Asie Tropicale
  2. Eulema dimidiata. Brésil
  3. Stilbum splendidum. Cosmpolite
  4. Bombus lapidarius incertus. Arménie
  5. Xylocopa tenuiscapa. Asie Tropicale
Pochoir Ar Nouveau print of insects, wasps from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Plate 6: More wasps

  1. Pepsis limbata. Amérique du Sud
  2. Chlorion lobatum. Asie Tropicale
  3. Vespa crabro. Europe
  4. Monedula chilensis. Chili
  5. Pepsis errans. Amérique du Sud
Pochoir Ar Nouveau print of insects, wasps from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insects Plate 7: Grasshoppers

  1. Pamphagus elephas. Algérie
  2. Tropidacris dux. Amérique du Sud
  3. Cyrtacantacris tartarica. Asie
  4. Aularches miliaris. Asie
  5. Phymateus saxosus. Madagascar
Pochoir print of grasshoppers from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insects Plate 8: Locusts

  1. Horaeocerus nigricornis. Madagascar
  2. Acrida miniata. Algérie
  3. Aularches miliaris. Asie
  4. Phymateus Brunneri. Afrique Tropicale
  5. Acanthodis imperialis. Asie
Pochoir print of locusts from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insect Plates 9-16

Art Nouveau Plate 9: Damsefly, dragonflies

  1. Nemopistha imperatrix. Afrique Oc.
  2. Tomatares citrinus. Afrique Austral
  3. Neurolasis chinesis. Asie;
  4. Aeschna Cyanéa. Europe
  5. Mnais earnshawi. Indochine
Pochoir Ar Nouveau print of insects, dragonfly from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insects Plate 10: More Damseflies

  1. Calopterix. Australie
  2. Diphlebia nymphoides. Australie
  3. Palpares imperator. Madagasca
  4. Calopterix. Asie
  5. Nemoptera sinuata. Région Méditerran.
Pochoir Ar Nouveau print of insects, damsefly from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Pochoir Print 11: Beetles

  1.  Amaurodes Passerinii. Mozambique
  2. Inca clathratus. Pérou
  3. Histrionica euchroea. Madagascar
  4. Cerathorhina derbyana. Mozambique.
  5. Goliathus giganteus. Cameroun
Pochoir print of beetles from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Plate 12: Dungbeetle

  1. Rhabdotis sobrins. Nubie
  2. Gnathocera varians. Sénégal;
  3. Coelorhina guttata. Guinée
  4. Euchrea celestis. Madagascar
  5. Gymnetis Touchardii. Vénézuela
Pochoir print of beetles from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insect Plate 13: Metalic Beetles

  1. Catoxantha gratiosa. Indo-Chine
  2. Catoxantha opulenta. Malacca
  3. Lampropepla Rothschildii. Madagascar
  4. Polyphylla Petiti. Mexique
  5. Lyoreus Alluaudi. Madagascar
Pochoir print of beetles from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Plate 14: Diamond Beetle

  1.  Entymus imperialis. Brésil
  2. Curculionide. Caracas;
  3. Entymus splendidus. Brésil
  4. Curculionide. Brésil
  5. Entymus. Brésil
Art Nouveau Pochoir print of diamond beetles from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Insect Plate 15: More Beetles

  1. Phaneus conspicillatus. Brésil
  2. Phanoeus imperator. Argentine
  3. Cyclommatus tarandus. Bornéo
  4. Pachilis gigas. Mexique
  5. Phanoeus ensifer. Guyane
Pochoir print of beetles from E.A. Seguy's Insects book

Plate 16: Lanternflys

  1.  Lycorna imperialis. Silhet
  2. Hotinus maculatus. Indes
  3. Hotinus gemmatus. Indes
  4. Hotinus Delesserti. Indes Or.
  5. Hotinus candellarius. Chine
Pochoir print of lanternflys from E.A. Seguy's Insects boo

Art Nouveau Patterns of Insects

At the end of the book there were four extra plates where Seguy had created repeated art nouveou patterns of insects.

Insect Patterns 1

Colouful repeating patterns of beatles, butterflies and bees.

E.A. Seguy art nuveau inseect patterns of bees, butterflies and beatles.

Insect Patterns 2

E.A. Seguy Pochoir insect prints

Insect Patterns 3

Vibrant patterns of dragonflies, moths and beatles.

Dragonfly, moths and beatles Art Nouveau patterns by E.A. Seguy

Insect Pattern 4

E.A. Seguy Pochoir insect prints and patterns of butterflies, moths, dragonflies and beetles.

Other Artists Like E A Seguy

Seguy’s intricate insect prints, with their elaborate designs and shapes, share many similarities with influential Art Nouveau artists such as Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt.

One artist similar to Seguy in their focus on the natural world is Ernst Haeckel. Like Seguy, Haeckel was fascinated by the intricate patterns and shapes in the natural world. He created stunningly detailed illustrations of jellyfish, other sea creatures, plants, and other organisms.

Maurice Verneuil was another vital designer in the Art Nouveau movement that made significant contributions to the world of decorative arts and design.

Another artist to check out is William Morris. Morris was an English textile designer and artist who was a leading figure in the Arts and Crafts movement. He created highly detailed and intricate designs for fabrics, wallpapers, and other decorative arts, often incorporating botanical or naturalistic motifs.

You’ll find more examples of pochoir prints with these art nouveau Christmas prints.

Art nouveau instects of E.A. Seguy

Other natural history prints to check out are Joris Hoefnagel’s insect art, Fabre’s Book of Insects and the insect posters of Adolphe Millot, and this collection of vintage entomology prints.

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