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18 Paxton’s Flower Garden Prints: Vintage Botany Art

We’re celebrating the legacy of a true luminary in botany and garden design – Sir Joseph Paxton. His masterwork, “Paxton’s Flower Garden,” offers a vivid journey through 19th-century botanical art, now wonderfully accessible in the public domain for free download.

Sir Joseph Paxton: Gardener, Engineer, and Architect Extraordinaire

Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865) had many talents. He made lasting contributions to gardening, engineering, and architecture. He is best known for designing the Crystal Palace for the 1851 Great Exhibition. Yet, his horticultural work at Chatsworth, the Duke of Devonshire’s estate, was equally impressive.

At Chatsworth, Paxton transformed the cultivation of tropical plants. He created innovative hothouses that better mimicked humid climates.

This breakthrough enabled him to grow exotic plants, like the giant waterlily (Victoria amazonica). He also developed the Cavendish banana, now the world’s most famous banana.

18 Victorian flower garden prints pin

The Magazine of Botany and Paxton’s Flower Garden

Paxton’s horticultural achievements were not limited to his practical work at Chatsworth. Between 1833 and 1848, he published “The Magazine of Botany,” a periodical where he shared his innovative methods and discoveries.

This magazine gained immense popularity, inspiring gardeners worldwide to adopt new horticultural techniques.

“Paxton’s Flower Garden,” a culmination of his botanical knowledge and artistic flair, was more than a mere gardening book. It served as a comprehensive catalogue, showcasing the diversity and beauty of plants with meticulously detailed illustrations.

These prints are a visual delight and a testament to the scientific understanding and artistic skills of the Victorian era.

These vintage floral prints have transcended time and now belong to everyone. Whether you’re a botanist, a history buff, an artist, or simply someone who appreciates the timeless beauty of flowers, these prints are a valuable resource.

Free Downloads: Your Gateway to Vintage Botanical Art

These prints from “Paxton’s Flower Garden” are our latest addtion to our curated collections for free digital download.

Click on the title above the flower garden art prints you want, and a higher-resolution image will open in a new tab; you can then print or save it.

Decorate your home with these as canvas prints, art prints, and posters, or use them in crafts, or add them to your collection of botanical art – the design inspiration possibilities are endless!

Flower Garden Prints 1-6

Print 1: Cape Pondweed

Cape pondweed is an aquatic plant native to South Africa. It is known for its floating, lance-shaped leaves and distinctive fragrant white flower that emerges above the water surface. This perennial blooms mainly from late winter to spring.

In South African cuisine, particularly in the Western Cape, chefs famously use its edible flowers in the traditional stew ‘waterblommetjiebredie’, often combining them with meat and vegetables.

It’s also popular in a waterlily pond and aquariums globally for its ornamental value and ease of care.

Cape pondweed Joseph Paxton

Print 2: Adenocalymma comosum

This variety typically exhibits vine-like growth, lush foliage, and distinctive flowers, characteristic of its genus. It originates from tropical or subtropical regions and gardeners often cultivate it for ornamental purposes in similar climates.

Print from Joseph Paxton's flower garden

Print 3: Aechmea distichantha

Commonly known as the “Brazilian vase plant” or “Vase Plant,” this plant showcases rosettes of stiff, spiky leaves and produces vibrant, ornamental, and long-lasting inflorescences, making it a popular choice for tropical and subtropical gardens.

Aechmea distichantha Joseph Paxton

Print 4: Aechmea longifolia

It’s native to South American regions, thriving in tropical environments. This plant typically forms a rosette pattern with its leaves, and its flowers are notable for their vibrant colors and unique structure.

Aechmea longifolia from Paxton's flower garden

Print 5: Lipstick Plant

The “lipstick plant,” Aeschynanthus × splendidus, stands out as a popular houseplant with unique and striking flowers.

This hybrid showcases glossy, dark green leaves and bright red flowers that burst from dark maroon buds, resembling lipstick tubes. Its cascading growth habit suits hanging baskets well and decorates indoor spaces with bright, indirect light.

Lipstick plant Joseph Paxton

Print 6: Belladonna Lilly

Amaryllis belladonna, commonly known as the “belladonna lily” or “naked lady,” blooms with fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers atop long, leafless stems.

These plants often surprise gardeners with their late summer blossoming, displaying vibrant pink or white flowers that add colour to gardens when most other plants have finished flowering.

Check out these beautiful lily paintings.

Belladonna Lilly

Flower Garden Prints 7-12

Print 7: Begonia dipetala

Begonia dipetala, a species in the diverse Begonia family, stands out for its delicate, dual-petaled flowers and lush foliage.

This plant thrives in shaded or semi-shaded areas, making it a popular choice for adding elegance to garden bed borders or as a potted indoor plant.

Begonia from Paxton's flower garden

Print 8: Bejaria aestuans

Bejaria aestuans, a member of the Ericaceae family, is notable for its striking evergreen shrub form and vibrant, tubular flowers.

Often found in the tropical Andes, particularly in Colombia and Venezuela, it thrives in cloud forest environments. This plant captivates with its clusters of pink or red flowers, attracting pollinators and adding a splash of color to its native high-altitude landscapes.

Bejaria Aestuans Paxtons flower garden

Print 9: Billbergia thyrsoidea

Billbergia thyrsoidea is a striking bromeliad native to South America, especially Brazil.

It is known for its eye-catching floral display, featuring arching flower spikes with pink bracts and blue or purple flowers.

This plant typically grows epiphytic, is often seen adorning tree branches in its natural habitat, and is popular in cultivation for its unique and vibrant appearance.

Billbergia thyrsoidea Paxton's flower garded

Print 10: Bryanthus × erectus

The “erect bryanthus,” or Bryanthus × erectus, is a hybrid plant celebrated for its attractive, delicate pink or purple flowers.

As a small, evergreen shrub from the Ericaceae family, it frequently enhances rock gardens and alpine displays with its compact form and appealing blooms.

Free print from Paxton's Flower garden

Print 11: Yellow Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia gilliesii, commonly known as the Yellow Bird of Paradise, is a striking ornamental plant known for its vibrant yellow flowers with long red stamens.

Native to South America, especially Argentina and Uruguay, the drought-tolerant Caesalpinia gilliesii thrives in warm climates. Gardeners often cultivate this shrub for its showy blooms and attractive, feathery foliage, making it a popular choice to add exotic beauty to flower gardens.

Yellow Bird of Paradise Flower Garden Print

Print 12: Cantua buxifolia

Cantua buxifolia, often known as the “Sacred Flower of the Incas” or “Peruvian Magic Flower,” is a striking flowering plant native to the highlands of Peru and Bolivia.

Celebrated for its vibrant, tubular flowers in shades of pink, red, or purple that delicately hang from arching branches, People widely cultivate it for its beauty and as a symbol of blessing and good fortune.


Flower Garden Prints 13-18

Print 13: Epiphyllum sp Cereus

Epiphyllum sp x Cereus a hybrid between species of the Epiphyllum genus, known for their stunning orchid-like flowers, and the Cereus genus, recognized for their tall, columnar cacti.

These hybrids often combine the best traits of both genera and makes them a fascinating and eye-catching choice for cactus and succulent enthusiasts.

Check out these other beautiful cactus prints.


Print 14: Kohleria rugata

Kohleria rugata, commonly known as the “Fuzzy Kohleria,” is a tropical plant known for its velvety foliage and striking tubular flowers, typically in vibrant shades of red or orange.

It’s popular in cultivation for its decorative appeal and relatively easy care.

Kohleria Rugata

Print 15: Pink Peony

Check out the collection of vintage peony illustrations on the site.

Peony from Paxton's Flower Garden

Print 16: Laelia purpurata

Often hailed as the “Queen of Laelias,” Laelia purpurata is a stunning orchid species from Brazil. It boasts large, showy flowers in various colours, including white, pink, and purple, often with striking accent markings.

Blooming typically in late spring or early summer, orchid enthusiasts highly value this plant for its striking beauty and relatively straightforward cultivation requirements.

Check out these beautiful orchid prints on the site.

Vintage orchid prints

Print 17: Corsage Orchid

The “Corsage Orchid” is a renowned species of orchid native to northeastern Brazil.

Celebrated for its large, fragrant flowers that display vibrant shades of pink, purple, or white with a distinctive, often ruffled labellum (lip), Cattleya labiata has been highly prized in horticulture since the 19th century.

It serves as a cornerstone species in the breeding of many hybrid orchids.

Corsage orchid from Flower Garden Prints

Print 18: Aerides rosea

Aerides rosea is a species of fragrant orchids native to regions in Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Myanmar.

Known for its cascading clusters of small, delicate pink or rose-coloured flowers, Aerides rosea often grows on trees in its natural habitat.

Orchid enthusiasts prize this epiphytic orchid in cultivation for its striking floral displays and sweet aroma, making it a favourite.

Aerides rosea from PAXTON'S FLOWER GARDEN

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