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DIY Zodiac Christmas Ornaments: Vintage Art Meets Festive Charm

Dive into the magical world of vintage zodiac art with our step-by-step guide to creating DIY Zodiac Christmas ornaments.

Add a touch of cosmic charm to your Christmas tree with these Zodiac Christmas Ornaments. Showcasing the beauty of the vintage astronomy art on one side and their corresponding constellation maps on the other, these ornaments are sure to be a conversation starter at your holiday gatherings.

These DIY Christmas ornaments are more than just pretty decorations. Each one matches a specific zodiac sign, making it personal and unique.

So, whether you’re a bold Leo or a dreamy Cancer, there’s an ornament that feels just right for you.

And it’s a beautiful touch for your tree and a perfect gift. Imagine giving someone an ornament that connects with their star sign!

It’s a thoughtful way to show you care. Whether used as decor or gifted to someone dear, these ornaments are keepsakes that can be enjoyed year after year.

Vintage Zodiac Art

Have you ever gazed up at a star-filled sky and felt pure wonder? Long ago, people didn’t just admire the stars; they drew them, crafting beautiful astronomical illustrations and star maps.

These vintage drawings do more than age on paper; they open a window into our ancestors’ view of the universe.

I’ve featured beautiful illustrations by astronomers John Bevis and Sidney Hall on this site. They didn’t just map out stars; they transformed them into art. Their zodiac illustrations and astrological maps burst with detail, beauty, and passion.

I’ve always felt captivated by these old constellation maps, especially the vibrant ones. So, I chose some of the best to inspire our unique Christmas ornaments.

Are you ready to sprinkle some vintage starry magic onto your Christmas? Create some Zodiac Christmas Ornaments! And as a treat, you can download John Flamsteed’s astronomy art at the end of this post.

How To Make Zodiac Christmas Ornaments

I made both star shaped zodiac ornaments and round wood slice versions.

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  • Wooden Stars (or you can cut your own stars from cardstock).
  • Wood Slices – You can buy these with predrilled holes if hanging them as ornaments.
  • Vintage Zodiac images (available for download in the Public Domain)
  • Decoupage glue (like Mod Podge)
  • Acrylic paint (In deep blues for the background & white)
  • Acrylic paint pen in white
  • Paintbrushes
  • Gold glitter nail varnish or glitter clear varnish (optional, for added protection and decoration)
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging
  • Scissors
What you need to make Zodiac christmas ornaments


Step 1: Start by ensuring your wooden ornaments are smooth. If needed, lightly sand any rough edges.

I didn’t have enough wooden stars and didn’t want to buy any more. So, I drew around the one star I had as a template onto card stock.

Then, using a cutting blade and steel ruler, I cut several cardboard stars. I just used a bradawl to punch hanging holes in the top of the stars.

Cutting out cardboard stars to make Zodiac ornaments

Painting Constellations

Step 2: I started by painting the constellation side of the ornaments to avoid any potential paint drips on the back when I tackled the edges of the stars. I used three shades of blue and applied them to the front.

Painting the stars blue

While the paint was fresh, I gently dabbed it with a tissue, aiming for a patchy ombre look to mimic the night sky.

Finally, with a brush loaded with white paint, I flicked it to produce tiny white specks over the blue.

Flicking white paint

Step 3: Once dry, refer to constellation maps and carefully paint the constellation that corresponds to your chosen Zodiac with the paint pen.

Painting on constellations on starry sky ornament
Painted constellations for the DIY zodiac Christmas ornaments

Decoupaging The Zodiac Art

Step 4: Print out the vintage Zodiac art. I’ve made two collages of the John Flamsteed vintage zodiac prints in Canva that you can download below. (These prints were made more vibrant for crafting.)

Or you can use the other astrological prints on the blog mentioned above.

John Flamsteed Print 1

John Flamsteed prints for DIY zodiac Christmas ornaments 1

John Flamsteed Print 2

John Flamsteed prints for DIY zodiac Christmas ornaments 1

Step 5: Match the astronomical art to the constellation map on the zodiac Christmas ornaments. Place the wooden shape on the printout and draw around it.

Using a paintbrush, apply a thin layer of decoupage glue to one side of the wooden ornament. Carefully place your printed Zodiac image onto the glue. Smooth it out to ensure there are no bubbles.

Check out these other methods for printing pictures onto wood.

selecting vintage zodiac art for decoupage
Decoupaged vintage zodiac art wooden Christmas ornaments.

Sealing & Finishing The Ornament

Step 6: Apply the glitter varnish or sealer, if you wish, to protect the design and give it a polished and sparkly Christmas look.

Then, attach a ribbon or twine to the Zodiac ornament for hanging on the Christmas tree.

(My wood slices didn’t have pre drilled holes in them, so I used a pin at the top to secure the twine).

Sealing the diy zodiac Christmas ornament with glitter nail varnish
DIY zodiac Christmas ornaments stars and wood slices
DIY zodiac Christmas ornaments pin

Variations & Other Ideas

Custom Background Colors: While deep blue and black are traditional colours for space, feel free to experiment with purples, silvers, or metallic hues to make your ornament stand out.

You can also use star-shaped stickers or stamps to add extra celestial touches.

These zodiac illustrations would also work well with these upcycled jar lid ornaments. Check out all these other homemade Christmas ornament ideas.

You could make Zodiac coasters using larger wood slices, creating a lovely gift for birthdays or Christmas. Or use the images to make tile coasters and planters.

For more celestial images check out this collection of vintage planetary and astronomy posters.

The John Flamsteed Star Chart Prints

John Flamsteed (1646-1719) was an English astronomer known not for astrology but for his precise astronomical observations. His significant work, “Atlas Coelestis” (1729), is a detailed collection of star charts. As the first Astronomer Royal, Flamsteed’s atlas set standards for celestial cartography.

While the atlas was based on his meticulous star cataloguing, it was published posthumously with the help of his wife, Margaret, and assistant, Joseph Crosthwait.

The following are the uncropped versions of the star charts used to make the Zodiac ornaments. To download a higher resolution print click on the title above.

Print 1 Scorpio & Libra

John Flamsteed Libra and Scorpio


John Flamsteed Sagittarius constellation

Print 3: Aries

John Flamsteed Aries constellation

Print 4: Capricorn and Aquarius

John Flamsteed Capricorn and Aquarius

Leo Constellation Print

John Flamsteed Leo Constellation

Print 6: Taurus Constellation

Taurus Constellation print John Flamsteed

Print 7: Gemini Constellation Chart

Gemini Constellation map John Flamsteed

Pisces Star Chart

John Flamsteed Pisces star chart

Print 9: Cancer

Cancer constellations John Flamsteed

Planisphere of the Southern Sky

Planisphere of Southern Sky

Print 11: The Eagle, arrow and fox.

John Flamsteed Illustrated star charts

Print 12: Virgo

Virgo constellation John Flamsteed
12 vintage constellation maps John Flamsteed pin

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Sunday 15th of October 2023

Gorgeous ornaments, they'd make lovely personalised gift tags to be hing on the tree afterwards. I love a bit of paint splattering, so much fun!


Monday 16th of October 2023

Thank you, Julie, they were fun to make.