Free Amazing Insect Art Prints Of Joris Hoefnagel

This is a collection of the incredibly beautiful antique insect art by Joris Hoefnagel. Joris Hoefnagel (1542-1601) was a famous 16th century Flemish artist and merchant. He was particularly well known for his illustrations of natural history subjects, topographical views, illustrations and mythological works. As an artist he was self-taught. Hoefnagel painted[Read more]

Free Stunning Coral Reef Illustrations And Prints

Great Barrier Reef ft

A curated collection of stunning colorful coral reef illustrations and prints of the Australian Great Barrier Reef.  The coral prints are from the book “The Great Barrier Reef of Australia” (1893) by William Saville-Kent.  William Saville-Kent was a British marine biologist whos book on the Great Barrier Reef was a pioneering publication,[Read more]