Free Beautiful Vintage Orchid Prints of Charles Antoine Lemaire -Pictureboxblue

free vintage orchid prints

These beautiful vintage orchid prints and drawings are the latest collection of botanical illustrations added to the collection of flower prints on Pictureboxblue.  This collection already includes flower species such as roses, peonies, and poppies, plus many more. Orchids are considered some of the most beautiful and mysterious flowers.  They[Read more]

Free Vintage Fruit and Vegetable Prints by Adolphe Millot

I am a big fan of the identification charts and posters of Adolphe Millot. This is my latest collection of his, which includes the fruit and vegetable prints. Adolphe Philippe Millot was a French naturalist and artist who illustrated many of the natural history sections of the Larousse collection of Illustrated Dictionaries. He[Read more]