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Copyright Free Old Map of Britain and Maps of The UK

Vintage Maps of Great Britain And The United Kingdom To Download

It is a bit confusing at times as the terms Britain, Great Britain, United Kingdom and the British Isles are often used incorrectly. A map of Britain refers to the main Island and the smaller islands that make up the countries Wales, England & Scotland. Britain and Great Britain are the same place.

The United Kingdoms’ proper title is actually the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Between 1801 and 1822 the United Kingdom also included the whole of Ireland, so this will be reflected in some vintage maps of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom doesn’t include the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. However, these islands are part of the British Isles. The British Isles is simply a geographical term ” it refers to the islands of Great Britain and Ireland – including the Republic of Ireland – and the 5000 or so smaller islands scattered around our coasts.” Even though the Republic of Ireland is part of the British Isles its people aren’t British as the term is a geographical one and not a political one.

If you weren’t sure before I hope that my explanation has explained it clearly for you and not confused you even more.

I have curated a collection of old maps of the British Isles, Britain and or the United Kingdom.

Vintage maps of the United Kingdom and Great Britain to download.

1. Old Map Of Britain And Ireland

The map is actually one from my own collection. It was originally from a German Atlas, that’s why all the place names are in German. It could be called a vintage map of the British Isles as includes Ireland, however, I can’t see the Chanel Islands which are also part of the British Isles. That’s why I titled as an old map of Britain and Ireland.

Old Map of Great Britain & Ireland

2. Ancient Map of Britain – 1250

An ancient map of Britain painted by the Benedictine Monk “Mathew of Paris” in 1250. ” Mathew was based at St Albans Abbey in Britain (not far from where I live). This was one of four maps of Britain he illustrated.

This particular map of Britain “is organised around a central north-south itinerary from Dover to Newcastle”. The original drawing is stored in the British Library.

3. Map of Britain approx 1720

The map is actually titled “A new map of Great Britain according to the newest and most exact observations” It was created by the geographer Herman Moll and the original map is in the Boston Library.

Map of Great Britain 1720

4. Map of Britain and Ireland 1865

A lovely map of Britain and Ireland it also includes the Channel Isles. The map has lovely detail, including listing all the counties for each country, Scotland, England, Wales and the whole of Ireland North and South.

The map is by Samuel Augustus 1865 and is from Cornell University Library.

Map Great Britain and Ireland 1865

5. Map of The British Isles – 1901

A lovely simplified map of the British Isles from 1901. There is not too much information on this map and each country, Scotland, England Wales and Ireland is a different colour.

Map of the British Isles 1901

6. Physical Map of the British Isles

This is a physical map of the British Isles from the book “The Earth And Its Inhabitants” 1881. A classic illustrated geography book by Élisée Reclus.

The map highlights the mountain ranges of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. There is even a key listing the major mountains by height. The tallest being Ben Nevis in Scotland.

Physical geography map of Britain

7. Map of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland 1856

I don’t know much of this rather beaten up old map of Britain and Ireland, except that it is a German map published in 1856.

Map of England Scotland Wales and Ireland 1856

8. British Isles 1891

A German map of the British Isles by the German cartographer
Adolf Stieler. It is one of my favourite maps of Britain.

There is some interesting detail on the map including a physical representation of the landscape. An inset map of the Center of London marking the major train stations and points of interested.

British Isles

9. Map Britannia & Hibernia 1865

Britannia is the Roman name for Britain and Hibernia is the Roman name for Ireland. This is Karl von Spruner’s 1865 map of Briton, and Ireland (Britannia et Hibernia). The antique map includes the names of ancient tribes and peoples and the areas they inhabited. There is also an inset detailed map of Hadrian’s Wall on the map.

Hadrian’s wall was a Roman fortification that ran the width of Britannia and separated the Northern most part of the Roman Empire from the lands of Ancient Britons.

Map of Britannia and Hibernia (Britain and Ireland).

10. Geological Map of the British Isles

A lovely colourful map of the British Isles which shows the geological makeup of the British Isles. The colourful key relates to the soil type. If you notice on the map that in the South East of England the soil is mainly chalk based. This coastal part of Britain is famous for its white chalky cliff face “The White Cliffs of Dover“.

The map is from the book “Dairy Farming – Being The Theory, Practice, and Methods of Dairying”(1880). I presume soil type is important information for dairy farmers!

Geographical Map of the British Isles

11. Blaeu’s 1631 map of the British Isles

Guillaume Blaeu’s 1631 map of the British Isles. It covers all of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

1631 vintage map of the British Isles

12. 1771 French Map of The British Isles

A beautiful example of Janvier’s 1771 decorative map of the British Isles. An inset in the upper right details the Shetland and Orkney Islands. The map is from Jean Lattre’s 1776 “Atlas Moderne”.

1771 Map of the British Isles

There are some gorgeous vintage wild flower illustrations from the British Isles that you might want to look at.

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