Free William Morris designs, patterns and flowers to download

William Morris Designs

William Morris designs and patterns have had a recent resurgence in popularity.  This is not surprising with the current popular Cottagecore aesthetic and maximalist interior trend. If you are wondering what a Cottagecore aesthetic is, think of the trappings associated with traditional cottage living. Stuff such as flowing floral dresses,[Read more]

Beautiful Vintage Floral Pattern Designs For Textiles

Free vintage flower patterns

Nature and particular flowers have influenced patterns in textiles for centuries. From the intricate embroidered Chinese silks with peonies to woven Persian carpets. This collection of free vintage floral patterns for textiles focus on early 19th century drawings. Most of the floral prints on Pictureboxblue are vintage botanical paintings from[Read more]

Fun Free Vintage Illustrations of Scandinavian Gnomes

Illustrations of Scandinavian gnomes

Here I have curated some wonderful vintage illustrations of these Scandinavian gnomes.  Almost every home I walk into has a Scandinavian gnome amongst their Christmas decorations, even though they don’t live anywhere near Scandinavia. Scandinavian gnomes seem to have migrated around the world.  Despite their recent popularity, they have been[Read more]