E. A. Seguy was a French artist and designer who gained widespread recognition for his striking insect pochoir prints.

Seguy was born in Limoges, France, in 1877 and began his career as a wallpaper designer. He quickly developed a reputation for his innovative use of colour and pattern.

Seguy’s interest in natural history and entomology led him to create insect-themed designs that would become his most famous work.

These prints were made using a pochoir technique that involved stencilling and hand colouring. The resulting images were highly detailed, with richly saturated colours and intricate patterns..

Another one of Seguy’s most famous works is his “Papillons” series, which features a range of detailed butterfly and moth designs.

At the end of each of Seguy's art nouveau insect and butterfly books are a collection of vibrant colourful patterns.  These are based on the insects and butterflies already featured.

Another art nouveau artist famed for his animal and insect patterns was Maurice Pillard Verneuil, and like Seguy he designed for textiles and wallpaper.

Verneuil combined animal and floral and plant motives with his inteigate patternals and designs. These art nouveau prints celebrate the wide variety of designs in nature.

The colours of Verneuil Art Nouveau flowers are delicate with many pastel shades, especially white, blues, lilacs, brown, mustard, olive and sage green.

All these beautiful art nouveau pochoir prints of Seguy and prints of Verneuil are available to print on the site for free.  They are all in the Public Domain.