Learn to draw mushrooms effortlessly! A step-by-step guide for all skill levels.  Five different mushroom and fungi tutorials to get you started.

Begin Your Artistic Journey. Discover the joy of drawing mushrooms with simple steps. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts looking to add a touch of nature to their art

Draw the Iconic Fly Agaric Start with a curved line for the cap, add white spots, and finish with the stem. This fairy-tale mushroom is a favorite among artists for its whimsical charm.

Sketch Clustered Brown Cup Mushrooms. Learn to draw these earthy, clustered mushrooms. Perfect for depicting forest scenes and natural settings.

Step-by-step illustration of the Destroying Angel mushroom. Capture the delicate beauty of this dangerous yet captivating mushroom with our easy guide.

Other mushroom guides included in this drawing tutorial include the iconic oyster mushrooms. They grow in lovely clusters and are a culinary favourite.

Bring Color to Your Mushrooms Use colored pencils or watercolour paints to add vibrant or earthy tones to your mushrooms, enhancing their visual appeal.

 Keep practicing and experimenting with different types and styles. Check out the many vintage mushroom drawings on the site for inspiration.  Including those of Adolphe Millot.

 Also check out the black and white mushroom drawings on the site for inspiration and the wonderful watercolour fungi of James Sowerby.