Ohara Koson was a masterful Japanese artist who flourished in the early 20th century. He was renowned for his paintings, which exquisitely depicted birds and flowers.

Koson's bird paintings are a marvel in detail, naturalism, and elegance. The harmonious compositions and delicate brushwork bring the subjects to life.

One of Koson’s specialties was painting songbirds. His vibrant palette and keen eye captured the joy and charm of these small, lively creatures amidst nature.

Cranes, symbolizing longevity and happiness in Japanese culture, are portrayed with grace and cultural significance in Koson's paintings. He captures their elegance amidst tranquil settings.

Koson’s kingfisher paintings are striking. The rich blues and agile postures of these birds by the water are captured with an astounding level of detail.

The exotic allure of cockatoos is masterfully depicted by Koson. With their distinctive crests and poised stances, these paintings are a testament to Koson’s versatility.

From regal eagles and wise owls to playful geese, Koson’s body of work encompasses an incredible range of bird species, each captured with precision and artistry.

A treasure for art enthusiasts! These public domain prints of Koson’s masterpieces are available for free download, letting you adorn your space with classic art.

As well as birds and flowers, Koson painted other animals symbolic to Japanese culture.  Such as rabbits and tigers.