Founded in 1936, the Index of American Design documents the cultural and artistic evolution of America.

Featuring over 18,000 meticulously crafted images, the collection captures the essence of American craftsmanship

Uncover the beauty of intricate architectural ornaments for both the exterior and interior of American homes

To the elegance and utility of historic household items found in the kitchen and dinning rooms. Beautiful watercolour paintings of everyday objects.

Discover the allure of historical fashion from the everyday to ornate dress and coats for more formal occasions.

.and feel the nostalgia with the charm of antique toys and ornamental decorations for the home.  From dolls to toy soilders.

Discover the charm, beauty and order in some of the countries most famous garden and estate designs.

"Each piece in the collection is a testament to the evolving American style and cultural identity and the beautiful illustrations a snap shot.

Join us in exploring these visual narratives of our past at where you can download 53 of the illustrations for free.